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Population: 30 million (2013)

Capital: Lima                                                                                                      

Official language: Spanish

Major religion: Christianity

IFES movement: Asociación de Grupos Evangélicos Universitarios del Perú (AGEUP)

Peru is a country with a diverse geography and many distinct ethnic groups. There has been a rapid growth in evangelical Christianity in recent years, especially among the largest and poorest groups who live mainly in urban slums and mountain areas.



  • 140 universities, student groups in 54
  • 5 full-time staff, 2 administrative staff, 10 part-time, 4 volunteers
  • graduates' ministry: one small group
  • largest group in Lambayeque (40 members)       
  • smallest group in Lima (5 members)

AGEUP has a focus on integral mission and a vision for a strong student leaders, who are trained to guide the movement while also making a significant contribution to the church, community, private sector, higher education institutions and their country.

One of many results of this vision is the implementation of a sexual health project where young Peruvians in universities, colleges and evangelical churches are educated about the HIV/AIDS pandemic and sexually transmitted diseases. Another result of their vision is the vocational guidance program for students in state schools in the last two years of secondary education.


Please pray:

  • that students will embody the love of Christ in their work as missionaries in the university, the church and society;
  • for AGEUP groups to be established in all 108 universities;
  • for the next National Congress 2015, which will be attended by about 250 students from across Peru.


Robin Rodriguez

General Secretary

Jr. Pativilca 170, Pueblo Libre, Lima 21, Péru


+51 970006265


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