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Population: 5 million (2012)

Capital: Oslo

Official language: Norwegian

Major religion: Christianity

IFES movement: Norges Kristelige Student - og Skoleungdomslag (NKSS)

Norway is a fairly secularised country, and high schools and universities especially are strongholds for non-Christian ideologies. In the south and western part of the country as many as 20% of children and youth are members in different Christian organisations. From the capital Oslo northwards the percentage is less than 5%.



  • 1200 junior high schools, 450 high schools and 26 universities
  • 180 IFES groups; 20 in universities
  • 57 full- and part-time staff
  • graduates’ support ministry
  • high school ministry: 2800 members and around 160 groups

NKSS is excited to see a growing awareness of evangelism in student groups. In 2012, they launched the book “FRESH”, which helps Christian students to make the most of their faith, relationships and studies. The movement hope to see an increasing number of students who use FRESH as a resource at their campus in the years to come.

The movement is grateful for faithful donors who have enabled them to maintain their ministry, and for gifted and passionate staff workers. They hope to see more Christian students involved in ministry on campus rather than only attending churches.


View from the inside

Silje Wiig Andersen is the acting General Secretary of NKSS in the spring of 2014. She says, ‘There are so many exciting things happening in NKSS these days and we are so grateful to God. Several mission weeks, Uncover groups, a new student festival, apologetic courses and several new groups. However, the activities are not interesting in themselves, but only to the degree they help people answer God’s request for true fellowship. In NKSS relationships are very important, with classmates, within the staff, with sceptics and with the Lord. We long to see ourselves and the students growing to become more like Christ.

‘Some Bible verses that come to mind are Romans 12:11-12: “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”’


Please pray:

  • for continued spiritual awakening amongst Christian students;
  • for fruit from the ‘Uncover’ Bible study groups across the country;
  • for the resource ‘FRESH’ to be widely used and have a lasting impact.  

NKSS Norway

Karl Johan Kjøde 

General Secretary

Holbergs plass 4 0166 Oslo


+47 2 2992424


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