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Population: 3.5 milion (2012)
Capital: Chișinău
Official language: Romanian 
Major religion: Christianity
IFES movement: Comunitatea Studentilor Crestini (CSC)

Moldova is a tiny country wedged between Ukraine and Romania, which gained independence from the USSR in 1991. It is a fledgling democracy, on the road to recovery after a small civil war in 1992, and struggling with the difficulties of post-communist transition.

There is a fair amount of freedom to share the gospel, relative to other former Soviet countries, and the church is a good size and growing. Many students consider themselves Christians, and many are searching to connect with the full reality of their faith, but few people actually go to church more than once a year.



• 46 colleges/high schools with a total of 32,000 students
• in Chisinau: 10 groups; in Balti: 2 groups
• 3 full-time workers, 4 part-time, 10 student volunteers
• graduate ministry led by 5 volunteers, 25 participants
• largest group in Chisinau, 65 students
• smallest in Balti, 35 students

CSC partnered with OSCER (Romanian IFES movement) to facilitate the Spring Evangelistic Conference (attended by 42 students) digging into the real root of human identity, which precipitated a reunion a week later. Out of the recent Bible and Life Conference, two weekly prayer groups at Balti colleges and a ‘Glad You Asked’ group were formed. Around 35 students in Balti are participating actively, taking the initiative in ministry there. It is through their courageous witness that individuals are being drawn to the movement.


View from the inside

'The challenges facing us are the instability of financial resources, the influence of societal tendencies on students – individualism and indifference to spiritual life – and a political crisis which discourages involvement in society,’ believes General Secretary Slavic Tusinschi.

Diana, a student leader, has seen answers to her prayers as she has been able to lead both a bible study and prayer group with two groups of girls, but she is also concerned: ‘I notice both in my life and in the lives of many students a physical and emotional tiredness, too much activity, too much rushing around and little fellowship with God. Do I know Him only through his blessings, or do I live in his presence?’


Please pray:

• for the recruitment and training of 21 student leaders for the new academic year 2013-2014;
• for the events that CSC organise to be creative and interesting for non-Christians;
• financial resources to rent a place to meet in the university.

CSC Moldova

Veaceslav Tușinschi

General Secretary

str. Armeneasca 61/13
MD-2012, Chisinau


+373 69 289 778


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