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Population: 16.8 million (2012)
Capital: Astana
Official language: Kazakh  
Major religion: Islam

Kazakhstan is a post-soviet country with a multinational population. It has rich natural resources and is rapidly developing, attempting to bring together the heritage of the Kazakh nation and modern technologies.

Though the state declares itself ‘secular’, it is in fact nominally Muslim and is moving in the direction of becoming more Islamic. While Christianity is recognised by the state, people who are Orthodox and Roman Catholic are more accepted than evangelicals. For Kazakhs, becoming an active Christian requires much courage because people often think you are betraying your religion and nation.


Students in Kazakhstan

• 128 universities, religious activity prohibited by law on campuses so no groups meet there
• 3 groups in 3 cities meeting in rented spaces
• 3 full-time staff, 1 part-time staff, 2 volunteers
• 3-10 people in graduate groups in 2 cities
• largest student group is in the south of the country, 20 people
• smallest is a re-pioneering effort in the capital, 4 students

As unregistered religious activity is banned in Kazakhstan, student leaders must find ways both wise and creative to approach students and share the gospel. A courageous and hardworking team of two young women work with the largest group of students. Their prayer is for students to come to know the truth and to cling to it, and for Christian students to grow in their faith and become people of influence in their country.


Please pray:

  • for protection for the movement and for growth;
  • for more staff workers and volunteers;
  • for the new board, deciding on policies and next steps.

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