Nov 24

Promoting good governance, providing good care – travelling for IFES

Posted by Penny Vinden

‘If you think that you can overcome the "going East" jet lag by "flying West" in the next days, you are wrong. It gets only worse. The body gets really confused.’

I read this in a recent email from Mirek Pieszka, Director of the IFES Governance Development Program. He was writing about his recent and upcoming travel plans and asking for our prayers.

Oct 27

World Student Day – a celebration in pictures

Posted by Penny Vinden

Last Friday was IFES World Student Day - and what a day it was! We encouraged IFES movements to think about what it means to love their neighbour – on campus, in their society, around the world.

Here are some of the things students did:

Sep 29

Leadership lessons we all need to learn!

Posted by Deborah Dowlath

The experience of the Younger Leaders Gathering (YLG) 2016 in Indonesia, which many IFES staff attended, cannot be summarised in one word, one conversation, one PowerPoint presentation or even one sermon.

But there is an aspect of the YLG program that had a huge impact on me and generated much food for thought: the leadership panel discussions. Young and mature leaders shared openly about their experiences - both the positive and negative. It was an invaluable time.

Aug 04

Rio Olympics 2016: Three ways you can use this opportunity

Posted by Caroline Reid

The London 2012 Olympics was the most watched sport event in the world since records began with nine out of ten people in the world watching these phenomenal athletes. With that number of people coming together to support their home nations, the world favourites or rooting for the under-dog, it provides a great opportunity to share life with our non-Christian friends.

Jul 14

Top 10 reasons why Western academics should work outside the West

Posted by The Anonymous 6

some students from Madagascar

The world is full of universities, many of them surprisingly different from the one where you studied. The six of us, all young scholars who work with the organization Global Scholars, could have applied to work at the universities where we did our PhDs. But we felt the Lord leading us to look farther afield.

Apr 21

Earth Day – should we celebrate?

Posted by Penny Vinden

On 22 April the world celebrates Earth Day. Or some of us will. Some of us don’t know about it. Some of us heard that it was focusing on tree planting and decided we had more important things to do. Or we thought it was some sort of ‘liberal’ event, and not for Christians – after all, shouldn’t we be concerned with saving souls not trees?

Jan 21

Racism and mission? Urbana brings them together

Posted by Penny Vinden

Michelle Higgins challenges Urbana 15 participants.

What does racism in the United States have to do with mission? Why would Urbana, one of the largest mission conferences in the world held at the end of 2015, feature a talk on racism by the black activist Michelle Higgins?

Jan 14

New year’s resolution: eat more of the Word

Posted by Penny Vinden

It’s a new year and many people are making resolutions. For some people it’s about stopping – not eating so much, not spending so much money, not wasting time on social media. For some people it’s about starting – exercising more, showing more love to others, doing something we aren’t doing but think we should be.

Dec 18

IFES celebrates Christmas

Posted by Philippa White

Two real reindeer and a rugby stadium are unusual props for a student event. But students in Cardiff, Wales wanted to do something different for their first community carol service. And their idea worked – more than 2,000 people came to sing carols in the stadium, take pictures with the reindeer and hear an evangelistic message.

It may be university holiday season in many countries but IFES students across the world are far from idle in December.

Oct 15

Pray around the world

Posted by Penny Vinden

Dalcy, Samuel and Rebecca

Friday 16 October is IFES World Student Day!


To help you celebrate with us, let me give you a flavour of what is happening with IFES groups globally, by sharing with you the words of students themselves.

Dalcy: VCF Vanuatu


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