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Population: 10 million (2012)

Capital: Budapest

Official language: Hungarian  

Major religion: Christianity

IFES movement: Magyar Evangéliumi Keresztyén Diákszövetség (MEKDSZ)

Hungary is a post-communist country in Central Europe. The majority of the population is Roman Catholic; however their numbers are decreasing rapidly, as are those of other Christian churches. The vast majority of the people are far from God and spiritually desperate, while Hungary’s economy is also in serious trouble. MEKDSZ believe their hope lies only in the good news of Jesus Christ.



  • 5 full-time staff, 2 part-time staff and volunteers
  • 18 student groups
  • groups have between 5 and 15 members
  • strong graduate ministry
  • international student ministry is in pioneering stage

MEKDSZ is thankful for committed students who are enthusiastic about sharing the gospel at their universities. 

They have a blog called Postit!, with many articles about their student groups as well as translations of dozens of IFES blog articles about student groups from other movements.

They organize two camps a year. The Winter Camp happens between the first and second semesters and about 400 students and high school seniors gather for fellowship and encouragement. Another apologetic camp takes place at the end of August. The training helps clarify the basis of their faith and students and staff learn to represent Christ in a more persuasive way.


View from the inside

Áron Bayer, General Secretary of MEKDSZ, shares, "I came to university already as a Christian, but I would say, the man who I am today, was raised and nurtured in MEKDSZ. It opened my view on God and the church in such a profound way, that hardly anything else did before. I believe university students are in the age when they are still able to change their minds. Of course that can happen any time in life, but university years are special in that regard. If students hear the good news of Jesus Christ in a way relevant to them, I am sure; many of them listen and can change."

2 Corinthians 10:5 "We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ." 


Please pray for:

  • the staff members in the team, especially as they organise events that will bear fruit. Thank God for taking care of the ministry.
  • the forming of new international student groups. Thank God for the new International Student Ministry volunteers in Hungary.
  • growing and stable student groups.
  • outreaches at universities.

MEKDSZ Hungary

Áron Bayer

General Secretary

Kende utca 7. III Budapest 1111


+36 1 385 0097



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