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Population: 8.2 million (2014)

Capital: Tegucigalpa

Official language: Spanish

Major religion: Christianity

IFES movement: Comunidad Cristiana de Universitarios de Honduras (CCUH)

Honduras is located in Central America and is a nation with historical wealth and a flourishing tourist industry. However, it is also one of several highly indebted poor countries in the region, with a young population and a powerful gang culture. 

Around 80% of Hondurans describe themselves as Christian and there is religious freedom, but there is the risk of Christianity becoming merely a social category rather than a vibrant reality.



  • 34 universities, CCUH groups in 14
  • 9 full-time, 5 volunteers
  • graduate ministry: plans to establish
  • largest student group at National University of Agriculture (around 200 members)
  • one high-school group

CCUH has a passionate and committed staff team, and a strong administrative structure. This has equipped them to meet the main challenges that confront the movement. God has blessed them with a new generation of leaders. Now, the challenge is to train them.

The movement thanks God for doors opening to new mission fields. There are more opportunities, more universities open their doors, and more churches unite to join the project. The student leadership and the staff are increasingly more solid.


View from the inside

Betuel Ernesto Ayes Fiallos is the General Secretary of CCUH. He says of his ministry, ‘We are in the stage of managing our growth. We have made plans for the next 5 years. We are dreaming of a movement expanding throughout the country, that will enjoy financial freedom and will be ready to reach out to the whole university student population.’

Betuel is also encouraged by Hebrews 6:10: ‘God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.’


Please pray:

  • for the growth and strengthening of the staff team;
  • for the strengthening of the Board;
  • for the pioneering fields in three regions of the country.

CCUH Honduras

Belkis Hernández Aragón

General Secretary

Apartado U-9430 Tegucigalpa



+504 647 7854


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