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Population: 10.5 million (2012)

Capital: Conakry

Official language: French

Major religion: Islam

IFES movement: Groupes Bibliques des Elèves et Etudiants de Guinée (GBEEG)


The Republic of Guinea is a small West African country with extensive mineral resources. There is freedom of religion, but around 85% of the population are Muslim. Only small percentages of the population are Christian or hold indigenous beliefs.



  • 12 state universities in 10 cities, many private universities
  • 10 groups in state universities; 2 groups in 2 private universities
  • 3 full-time staff, 14 volunteers
  • graduates and high school ministry across the country
  • largest group in the University of Faranah (about 50 members) 
  • smallest group in Kindia (5 members)

GBEEG is a movement committed to prayer and evangelism. They are thankful to God that they could hold their conference which gathered more than 200 members despite the EBOLA outbreak and the difficult economical context of the country. Another beneficial training was that of the Board and the staff of GBEEG on governance.

Like many IFES movements, GBEEG finds fundraising for ministry costs one of their greatest challenges. Progress have however been made in this regard. Another challenge is that of the lack of human resources.


View from the inside

David Foromo Guilavogui is the General Secretary of GBEEG. He says, ‘I am involved in this ministry to see the kingdom of God grow in my country and the life of my nation impacted positively by Christian students who are the leaders of tomorrow.’  David is also amazed to see how the conference of the GBEEG went. The project was a real success thanks to the support of local churches, of the university authorities and of the quality of the teachings. 

David is encouraged by the commitment of some volunteers working alongside them. The movement has also deepened their relationship with a few missionary agencies in Guinea, which is encouraging for the future of GBEEG ministry.


Please pray :

  • for more workers, from Guinea or other countries;
  • that the Muslim students will decide to follow Jesus despite fear and persecutions;
  • for more Christian students to be trained to lead Bible studies;
  • for God to answer the practical and financial needs of the movement (current need of a vehicle);
  •  for the end of the EBOLA outbreak and the havoc it causes. Schools and universities are currently closed, and the movement needs financial help to raise public awareness and to help the families affected by the outbreak.


David Foromo Guilavogui

General Secretary

GN - BP 2286, Conakry


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