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Population: 25.5 million (2012)

Capital: Accra

Official language: English

Major religion: Christianity

IFES movement: Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students (GHAFES)

Ghana is a West African country, politically stable and with a healthy economy based on trade in gold, cocoa and more recently oil. Around 60% of the population call themselves Christian, though many are nominal. Christians have freedom to worship.



  • 126 tertiary institutions, 40 official groups, 7 being pioneered
  • 15 full-time staff, 9 short-term
  • graduate ministry (100-150 members) in the University of Ghana and others yet to be affiliated
  • largest student groups, University of Ghana and Valley View University College (220-250 members)
  • smallest group, University of Education in Winneba (20-30 members)

GHAFES is delighted to see students emerging with a heart to serve. The annual Students in Church Evangelism (SICE) project sends 90 to 120 students to unreached people groups of Ghana. They often live in deprived areas for up to a month, helping in local hospitals and schools, offering counselling and holding community seminars that bring together chiefs, elders, parents, youth and children to reflect on challenges as diverse as alcoholism, poverty in the midst of wealth, teenage pregnancy and financial management.

GHAFES also thanks God for the desire for integrity shown by their students and graduates. As heretical teachings increasingly take root on campuses, the movement is known for its dedication to sound biblical Christian doctrine and their unifying role on all tertiary campuses.


View from the inside        

Victor A Obeng is the General Secretary of GHAFES. His ministry and vision have been inspired by Matthew 5:13-16 which speaks of being salt and light. He says, ‘We are raising people to be salt for the earth to arrest the decay there, and to bring light into the dark world of the university and beyond.’

Victor has also been inspired by the success of their outreach programmes: ‘It is not only about the impact we make on communities but what it does to our students and young graduates; their worldview changes are phenomenal!’


Please pray for:

  • an increase in students’ desire to reach their fellow students as well as to evangelise off-campus;
  • students to hold fast to the true gospel amidst false doctrines;
  • young graduates to desire to volunteer as short-term missionaries in Ghana and elsewhere;
  • wisdom and compassion for our staff;
  • grace to be able to engage the university community as a whole.


Isaac Mensah-Newton

Acting National Director

PO Box 0174 Osu Accra


+233 24 336 2521


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