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Population: 4.3 million (2011)
Capital: Tbilisi
Official language: Georgian
Major religion: Christianity

Georgia is a country in the Caucasus. It became Christian in the fourth century and is very religious and traditional till nowadays. 90% of the population consider themselves as Orthodox Christians and most of them think that orthodoxy is only true way to God.  It is challenging, therefore, to be a “different” Christian – for example, an evangelical or a Roman Catholic.


Students in Georgia

• 5-6 Cities with universities and 3 have Christian groups
• a large group of graduates in one city (about 30) and group of medical graduates in another city (about 15)
• largest student group is about 20 members

The greatest strength of student groups is the caring relationships among Christians. This positive atmosphere attracts students. The main challenge to students is the hostile attitude of many people towards evangelicals.


View from the inside

T, who is involved in student work, writes: ‘My personal spiritual growth took place while I was a student leader in Christian groups. I know how big impact a student ministry may have on the student’s life. The environment of understanding, caring and support gives me a small picture of what heaven will be like. The young and joyful spirit of students, their creativity and desire to live makes me excited and gives strength to walk forward and stay working with the students.

She is inspired by 2 Timothy 2:2: ‘And the things which you heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.’

T is inspired to keep going when she thinks about the German couple came to Georgia two years ago to work with students. ‘I love to think about their thoughts and expectations, fears and enthusiasm. They started with nothing and today there are Christian student groups that are thriving! It really inspires me and helps me to say that everything is possible for those who believe!’


Please pray for:

• more faithful student leaders;
• a vision for student work in churches.

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