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French Guiana

Population: 250,109 (2013)

Capital: Cayenne 

Official language: French

Major religion: Christianity

IFES movement: Groupes Bibliques Universitaires (GBU)

French Guiana is situated between Brazil and Suriname. It is an overseas department of France, with whom it maintains close economic links. It is a very ethnically diverse region and churches reflect this, with services in many languages.



  • 1 university, 1 technical college and 17 high schools
  • 6 GBU groups
  • no staff, 7 volunteers
  • largest group: 20 students
  • smallest group: 6 students

GBU French Guiana are grateful for the support of their volunteers and the encouragement they receive from the pastors of local churches. A concrete example of that partnership is the camp organised by the graduates and the GBU, with the participation of a YWAM Guadeloupe leader and the pastor of a local church as main speakers.

The movement’s biggest challenge is to set up a fundraising database to make the most of the new awareness in churches and other local avenues of support.


View from the inside

Jean-Daniel Maignan is the new Board Chair of GBU French Guiana. His commitment has stayed strong since he received a calling for Guiana students. He was one of the movement’s founders in 1996.

As for many, Matthew 28:19 is the inspiration for Jean-Daniel’s ministry and vision: ‘Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’


Please pray:

  • for students to get involved more in the evangelisation of other students;
  • for more local financial support;
  • for the nomination of a full-time staff worker;
  • for the creation of a reception centre for students.

GBU French Guiana

Wesley Dupre

Board Chair

19 avenue de la passoura 97310 KOUROU


+594 594 32 48 21

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