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Population: 16 million 

Capital: Quito

Official languages: Spanish and Kichwa

Major religion: Catholicsm

IFES movement: Comunidad de Estudiantes Cristianos del Ecuador (CECE)

Ecuador is a democratic country with great cultural, ethnic and geographic diversity. It is currently facing a series of corruption scandal involving both public servants and workers from the private sector. The recently elected government (the aforementioned party) has continued with certain policies, but has changed others substantially. Christians face the challenges of a growing secularism in culture and nominalism in the church. 



  • There are 58 universities in the country and CECE has 21 groups in 15 of these universities, with around 130 students attending.
  • 12 staff workers. 
  • Various outreach projects take place during the semester, like Proxi, Al Descubierto, Proyecto Narnia, evangelistic Bible studies, and others. 

For the first time in four years, CECE has a National Student Board, which was elected in November 2013. CECE has valuable links with other organisations and movements, including IFES movements in New Zealand and Norway. It also has a training programme that is currently being implemented. All of these contribute to the growth and stability of the movement.

CECE wants to see a generation of students and graduates that proclaims the good news of Jesus Christ, makes disciples and serves in their universities, workplaces and churches. To strengthen these projects, we are working to provide students and graduates with the resources they need. 

With this in mind, and with the Lord's help, in 2017 we will continue to focus on student leadership training, but we will also take specific fundraising steps, establish links with local churches and other organisations, and take on new staff workers. 


View from the inside

Josué Olmedo, General Secretary of CECE, says, ‘We are encouraged to see students coming to faith, and also Christian students and professionals discovering God’s mission for the University and the marketplace for the first time.’

Josué’s ministry and vision have been inspired by how Paul and the Christians in Ephesus experienced the power and effects of the gospel in that city (Acts 18:8 - 20:1).


Please pray:

  • for faithfulness and fruit when sharing the gospel with students and graduates; 
  • for fruitful evangelistic initiatives by students and professionals;
  • for an effective fundraising plan;
  • for wisdom when choosing new staff workers.

CECE Ecuador

Josué Olmedo

General Secretary

José Valentín Oe8-O7 y Domingo Espinar QUITO


+593 5126222

Facebook: Cece Ecuador


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