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Population: 5.6 million (2012)

Capital: Copenhagen

Major religion: Christianity

Official language: Danish

IFES movement: Kristeligt Forbund for Studerende (KFS)

As tolerance is valued in Denmark, it is safe to talk about faith in public. On the other hand, it is widely believed that religion is a private matter. This means that KFS staff are not allowed access to every place of study.



  • groups and contacts in 160 of the 400 tertiary institutions, about 200 students
  • 16 staff workers, 2 volunteers
  • 13 students at the movement’s Leadership Training Centre
  • strong high school ministry, with about 1200 members
  • small graduate ministry
  • largest group in Aarhus (100 students); smallest groups have less than 5 members

KFS has recently invested in three areas: apologetics, cross-cultural relationships and Bible studies. The focus has been to equip students to engage in the student sphere. As a basis for this training, Bible engagement has been a main goal.

Along this line KFS has hired a Secretary of Dialogue, whose main task is to bring dialogue about faith into the campuses all over Denmark. This is done through various individual and week-long discussion events in the largest cities.

Another strength of KFS is the high school students’ strong commitment to the movement. The main challenge is that so few stay involved with KFS at university. Many Christian university students become involved in local churches: some think that student ministry in the university is unnecessary while others are not aware of KFS.


View from the inside

Robert Bladt is the former General Secretary of KFS Denmark. He says, ‘I am excited about the opportunity to share the gospel with the future leaders in church and society and aim to give them a healthy relation to their Creator and Saviour’. He shares 2 Corinthians 1:24 as a inspirational verse: ‘Not that we lord it over your faith, but we work with you for your joy, because it is by faith you stand firm.’

Robert is also inspired by the founding of the movement’s Leadership Training Centre which he was part of when he was a student. He says, ‘Today we reach more than 5,000 students every year through this ministry. This is a story about how an act of faith in one generation can influence the ministry in a later generation for the glory of God.’


Please pray:

  • that Christian university students will see the need for ministry among their peers and the value of KFS;
  • that KFS will reach its goal within the next years: for as many students as possible to be educated in the biblical truths, trained in reading the Bible on their own and finally engaging in either an open Bible study group, an apologetic event or a cross-cultural event;
  • that the Secretary of Dialogue may find many opportunities for discussion with students, and that God through this ministry may change the hearts of many.

KFS Denmark

Christian Rasmussen

General Secretary

Ribevej 71, Ødsted 7100 Vejle

kfs@kfs.dk (Danish)

kfs.dk/en/node/68 (English)

+45 35 43 82 82


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