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Democratic Republic of Congo

Population: 67.8m (2011)

Capital: Kinshasa 

Official language: French

Major religion: Christianity

IFES movement: Groupes Bibliques Universitaires (GBU)


The Democratic Republic of Congo is a beautiful country with spectacular rainforest and volcanoes as well as abundant natural resources and economic potential. However it has known appalling atrocities, as leaders have betrayed and abused their people since the creation of the state. Even today there is conflict between the national army and rebels in the east of the country.

The DRC is a secular country and there is religious freedom; Christians have opportunities for evangelism.



  • around 12 institutions; 30 GBU groups in 7 of the 11 provinces
  • 1 full-time staff member, around 17 part-time volunteers
  • largest group: 80-100 members in Kinshasa
  • smallest group: around 10 members in Likasi
  • high school ministry in the east: 150 to 200 students

Just like their nation, GBU DRC has known struggles in recent years. A general assembly in August 2012 resulted in the election of a new board and a reinforcement of God’s vision for the movement. With new leadership at executive and staff level, there is the hope that the movement will continue to move forward in strength and stability. They thank God for an active board and staff and students who are committed to both bible study and evangelism.


Please pray:

  • for GBU students to be a true community of disciples, transformed by the gospel and having a real impact in the university context and eventually in the entire nation;
  • for the student groups in the war-torn east of the country.

GBU Republique Democratique Du Congo

Aristide Lathoum

General Secretary

BP 4831 Avenue de la Justice No. 75 / Face Lycée Dr Shaumba, Siège GBU/RDC Gombe Kinshasa


 +243 814 44 45 

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