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Population: 48 million (2014)

Capital: Bogotá

Official language: Spanish

Major religion: Christianity

IFES movement: Unidad Cristiana Universitaria

Colombia is a country diverse in geography and with a great cultural wealth. After years of struggle between the state and guerrillas, Colombia is now beginning to take steps toward reconciliation. The government has begun talks toward ending the conflict towards a stable and lasting peace again. However there are still many obstacles to overcome. One of the biggest challenges is the restoration of trust among all sections of society. The church has an important role to play in providing a biblical foundation to promote peace with justice and to teach about reconciliation and forgiveness..



  • 59 public and 160 private universities
  • UCU groups in 18 universities 
  • 6 full-time staff workers
  • 25 graduates support local groups
  • largest group in Bogota (45 students)
  • smallest group in Ibagué (11 students)

In the past two years UCU has been promoting dialogue and reflection on issues such as the meaning of life, justice and peace. These issues have enriched their Bible study and have resulted in a reading of reality through a biblical lens of hope.

In 2014, UCU celebrated 45 years of missionary work in universities with the theme: Do not be afraid, celebrate life: Jesus Christ.


View from the inside

Carmen Benitez, a staff worker, wrote about student work in Colombia: ‘The universities need a new voice to be raised, a voice of hope and new life. A voice that proclaims what God wants for human beings, his original intent for humanity and for this time. We are confident that it is the Holy Spirit who has anointed us and has raised us up to proclaim liberty to the captives, to give sight to the blind, heal the broken-hearted and announce the year of the Lord’s favour.

‘We give thanks to God for his kindness and grace to us. It is he who is allowing us to see a generation of graduates who serve the Lord through their professions and group of student leaders who are faithful to the Lord and have the desire to fervently serve him in the university.’


Please pray:

  • that UCU will grow in faithfulness and confidence into a new time of growth in every aspect of student work;
  • for students and graduates to proclaim the gospel in the university and in the workplace;
  • that when they graduate, students will remain committed to the Lord’s work;
  • for student initiatives in cities where UCU is currently not present.

UCU Colombia: 45th Anniversary Celebration

UCU Colombia will hold its 45th anniversary celebration, on the theme, ‘Don’t be afraid, let’s celebrate life: Jesus Christ.’

UCU Colombia

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General Secretary

Carrera 28 No.46-06 Bogotá


+57 (1) 269 9193


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