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Population: 20 million (2012)

Capital: Yaoundé

Official languages: French, English

Major religion: Islam, Christianity

IFES movement: Groupes Bibliques des Elèves et Etudiants du Cameroun (GBEEC)


Cameroon is a country located in central Africa. There is religious freedom in accordance with the state constitution. Around 60% of the population claim to be Christian.



  • 8 state universities and 150 private academic institutions; GBEEC is in all the state universities and pioneering in a few private institutions
  • around 1500 students
  • 10 full-time staff, 50 volunteers
  • graduate ministry (around 2000 members) and schools ministry (around 3000 members)
  • largest student group in Yaoundé (200 members) and largest graduate group in Douala (400 members)
  • smallest student group in Buea (25 members)

The GBEEC is a well-organised and thriving student movement. Each year, GBEEC groups organise an evangelisation campaign for students during the national University Games, involving over 250 student members. During those campaigns, thousands of students hear the Gospel message and many lives are transformed by Jesus. GBEEC is always looking for new evangelism methods for students and is keen to encourage mature student leadership.

GBEEC initiated the construction of a Missionary Centre in Douala. The centre will be used to train staff for missions. It will be a place of spiritual radiance and a residence for students from Cameroon and Central Africa.


View from the inside

Alphonse Teyabe, the General Secretary of the GBEEC says, ‘I am involved in student ministry because it is a call of the lord; what feeds my enthusiasm is the very strategic vision of the movement.’ Many bible verses have helped Alphonse in his ministry including 2 Timothy 3:16: ‘All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.’ and Isaiah 42:6 I've called you in righteousness. I'll take hold of your hand. I'll preserve you and appoint you as a covenant to the people, as a light for the nations’.


Please pray:

  • for new God-inspired methods and strategies for evangelism;
  • for good biblical teaching to help students become mature and strong in faith;
  • that schools and university campuses would be fertile fields for God’s glory;
  • for financial provision to implement activities and for the construction of the Missionary Centre in Douala;
  • for peace, security and prosperity in Cameroon.

GBEEC Cameroun

Alphonse Teyabé

General Secretary

BP 1680 Yaoundé


+237 22233324


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