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Population: 8.7 million (2012)

Capital: Bujumbura

Major religion: Christianity

Major languages: French, Kirundi

IFES movement: Union des Groupes Bibliques du Burundi (UGBB)


Burundi is known for poverty (70% have an income of less than 1 US dollar a day), corruption (in 2011, ranked among the three most corrupt countries in the world) and variety of religious groups (more than 400 religious denominations, with almost three quarters founded since 1993).  While over 90% of people claim to be Christian, but only a third of them go church.


UGBB Burundi

  • about 30 higher education institutions; UGBB groups in 13 with 2 more in the process of becoming affiliated
  • 2 full-time staff, 3 volunteers of which one is travelling around the country         
  • graduates ministry in a phase of reorganisation
  • high school ministry is developing
  • groups between 12 and 50 students


UGBB in Burundi has rejoiced in recent years to see the student leaders influencing their environments and new graduates being sought after by Christian organisations because of their spiritual strength. The movement is also seeing students step forward as volunteers at the end of their studies to help their ‘younger’ brothers and sisters.

The biggest challenge for the movement is non-biblical teaching that has influenced the lives of young people. Guiding these students to the true gospel takes time and patience. Also there are many bible study groups in secondary schools requesting guidance; these far exceed the capacity of the movement to respond.


Please pray:

  • for students to be protected from the false teachings;
  • for more resources to support high school groups.

UGBB Burundi

Oscar Nduwarugira 

General Secretary

BP 5126 Bujumbura


+257 77080805


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