Pray for the students of Europe, Africa and the Middle East

We’ve put together these prayer cards to help you pray for the real people and real needs of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Meet the students of Bulgaria, Liberia and Benin. Find out what’s going on in the IFES student groups of Portugal, Uganda and Cameroon, and get praying for them on World Student Day.

Find out more about IFES ministry in Europe, Francophone Africa, EPSA and the Middle East and North Africa.


Beatriz, GBU Portugal

We’ve been noticing that Christian students in Portugal are quite disconnected with their universities. They don’t really know their classmates very well. Pray that students would invest in friendships so that they can share the gospel with others effectively. Pray also for the mission weeks happening in November.

Glasgow University Christian Union, UCCF Great Britain

Students are generally apathetic towards God and don’t see His relevance. It’s hard to stand out and stand firm as we are such a minority.

Through international student ministry we long to form cross-cultural relationships with students from all over the world who often feel isolated. Pray for our international ministry – that God would guide us and provide for every need. Pray that in everything we do we would remain faithful to the gospel and proclaim it, trusting that God will save.

Natalia, GBU Italy

Here in Bologna, Christians students are a small minority. Other students think we are strange, they are not interested in what we have to say. It is nice to see Christen students from different countries united in evangelism through GBU. Pray that God would work in the hearts of the students, to bring them along to GBU and change them through His word.

Charlie, UCCF Great Britain

Our Christian Union is a great mix of students from the UK and around the world, as well as people from different disciplines and at different stages. People are often surprised to see us spending time together, but it really draws people in.

Pray for the new students to get stuck into churches and be bold in living out their faith. Pray for our relationships – that we would be really proactive in inviting people into our community and making them feel loved and valued.

Monika, BCSU Bulgaria

Students are oblivious to their purpose in life. They try to find their identity and value in what the world offers them. They choose to follow the god of self. When I share about why I choose to follow Christ rather than self this is something very strange for them. Our student group has held events for both international and Bulgarian students where they have had the chance to build up new friendships, learn about each other’s cultures and lower the barriers through laughter, conversations and new memories together. Pray that the Lord will continue using our group to break through the ice in the hearts of the students and ignite them for the Truth. Pray that God will equip us with boldness and wisdom to be messengers of His salvation.

Gioia, GBU Italy

Pray for the Mark Drama and for our friends who want to know more about Jesus. Pray for our new groups and news students who have just joined our Bible studies.

BCSU Burgas, BCSU Bulgaria

Students are uninterested in God, Christianity or the gospel. New trends push students away from Christian morals. Pray that we would open our hearts and lives for other students, build friendships and show them our faith and hope in Christ in a natural way.

Sarah, KFS Denmark

Pray that our small groups in high schools may be allowed to meet in classrooms. Pray also for our KFS staff now pioneering in Greenland.

Katrin, UCCF Great Britain

There is a lot of pressure to attend society socials and get caught up in the drinking culture. This can be challenging as a Christian because you want to develop friendships with non-believers, but you don’t want to compromise biblical views to fit in. We are blessed in Cardiff to have the nations brought to us with a third of our students being international. The Christian Union at Cardiff University is the only society which has an International Secretary and events for international students. Pray for the international student work, that we will continue to engage with all nationalities and be bold in sharing Jesus on campus.

Áron, MEKDSZ Hungary

People have a lot of prejudice against Christians. It’s really hard to show them that our hope, Jesus Christ, is totally different than empty traditions and hypocritical religion.

Please pray for us as we don’t have General Secretary at the moment and have just started the process of finding a new one. Also, a lot of students are feeling overwhelmed. Please pray that God’s joy, wisdom and power would fill us, so that we could be faithful in showing and telling God’s story to the students.

Middle East & North Africa


Thank God for the unity between Christian students seeking to reach out through dialogue and discussion to students of other faiths. Pray for bold and creative gospel witness, and wisdom in sharing our faith with students from other religions, in the midst of potential persecution.


The main challenge is the Islamic context. We don’t have meetings on campus. Pray for the consolidation of our members. Pray that we will have the freedom to express our faith on campuses throughout the country.

Francophone Africa

Richard, GBUST Togo

The challenge of being a Christian on our campus is to overcome mockery and student indifference to the good news. On our campus, students from different evangelical groups (including our GBU) have come together as a federation to be strong and preach Christ. Pray that God will give strategies for communicating the gospel. Pray that students will embrace the GBU vision and also excel in their studies. Pray for political and socio-political stability surrounding the presidential elections in 2020.

Jacques, GBUR Rwanda

It’s challenging being a Christian on campus because of university restrictions. Pray for our university leaders who are Christians to be bold in Jesus Christ so that they may resist ungodly regulations which affect Christian fellowship.

Bebo, GBUST Togo

We experience restrictions because of secularism on the university campus. Pray that the kingdom of God may come in our university and in the lives of the university authorities. Pray that we can complete the purchase of land next to the university to be used as a meeting place.

Tiffanie, UGBM Madagascar

Pray for the conversion of young people in Madagascar, touched by evangelism. Pray for luke-warm Christians to grow in intimacy with the Lord. Pray for me – I would like to grow in my faith a lot.

Laetitia, GBEEC Cameroon

In my context, we Christians students are involved in social and academic activities and we encourage young Christians to be leaders in some university associations. It is a powerful way to share our values with people and to create links. We want peace to be re-established in this part of our country. People don’t believe in God because they are suffering a lot. We need courage because Christian students are getting discouraged and are leaving the area for security reasons.

Abel, GBEEG Guinea

Pray that local students would be engaged and committed to the movement for the glory of Christ.

Pierre, GBUR Rwanda

Pray for us regularly that the students may understand the concept of being a true discipleship of Christ, even in the face of silent rejection. Pray that non-Christian students may encounter the truth.

Tchabi, GBEEB Benin

Students here are very busy with study, so it’s a challenge for Christian students to make time for other activities.

Students of the world, please ask the Lord to support the weak remnant, the students still committed to the flame of the gospel on our campus. Pray that the Lord will grant them grace to always witness in spite of the very difficult context.

Lyale, GBEEC Cameroon

We are not allowed to meet on campus. Pray that we will be given the opportunity to meet on campuses.

Djibougou, GBU Burkina Faso

Pray for us as we develop innovative methods of evangelism. We need tools to support new Christians.

Stéphane, GBUCI Côte d’Ivoire

There are many barriers between groups on campus. But today, several Christian networks are being created to reduce these barriers. Pray that the GBU will be an engine of reconciliation between students from different backgrounds.

English- and Portuguese-Speaking Africa

Godfree, FOCUS Zimbabwe

On my campus, most students are ashamed of the gospel because of the negative labels that are given to Christian students. Christians also need wisdom to know how to be distinctive in social gatherings. Pray for the spiritual and numerical growth of our group. Pray for students to be bold and not ashamed to share the good news.Pray for financial resources, for Bible study materials and for graduates to serve the movement.

Aida, Equatorial Guinea

Many people say they are Christians, but they don’t live as Christians. Some Christian activities are not permitted on campus. Pray that students would want to honour Jesus in their studies. Pray that students would want to serve the Lord by leading the Bible studies, finding time to pray together and sharing Jesus with their classmates.

Peter, FOCUS Uganda

Pray for a breakthrough in the national movement’s journey. Pray that God would raise strong student leadership, dedicated students, a strong associates base and financial resources.

Kulah, LIFES Liberia

Pray for young minds who are eager to learn and know Jesus Christ. Pray for the nation as a whole as we experience a test of democracy. Pray for the finances of the movement.

Hankuri, NIFES Nigeria

Challenges for Christian students on campus include a high level of nominalism, adverse policies and religious fundamentalism. We are organising a peace summit for Christian and Muslim students on campus. Pray for unity of purpose, and pray for Christian students to shine as a light on campus, as they live out their faith at university and beyond.

Mamokete, SULTM Lesotho

The biggest challenge we face is overcoming feeling intimidated by other students. Pray that we should all be united and not let what other people say about us make us quit.

Domian, FOCUS Kenya

It’s challenging to not compromise on godly values. Pray for our effective evangelism in a Muslim-dominant community near our campus.

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