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Ministry Impact

“How can we tell if our ministry is making a real and lasting impact on the community that we serve? And if it is making an impact, as we sincerely believe it is, how can we intentionally increase the impact?” Daniel Bourdanné, IFES General Secretary


IFES is continuing to grow, not just by pioneering new movements, but by reaching more students within each nation and nurturing in them a dynamic relationship with Jesus.  Becoming an organisation that embraces evaluation will help ensure that IFES continues to be faithful with the mission, students, staff and resources that God has entrusted to us.

How can we understand the richness in the depth and breadth of our ministry? How do we make decisions about where to use limited resources? How do we know if our ministry approach is effective?

We want to be relevant to the next generation of students, and to be able to make sound strategy decisions that prayerfully take into consideration not only quantitative and qualitative data but also insights gained from ministry experience. 

As IFES grows into a fellowship of movements in over 160 countries, it is essential to understand the needs of our ministries and to constantly seek ways to innovate in how we carry out student ministry. The aim of the Ministry Impact initiative is to ensure each national movement can assess their activities and structures and work strategically towards achieving their goals.

Learning through evaluation

The goal of the Ministry Impact program is to nurture a culture of evaluating ministry impact, in order to grow and sustain IFES ministries. The program aims to come alongside national movements on a journey of learning through evaluation, helping the movements understand the impact and effectiveness of their ministries.

Resources will be developed to support national movements in their learning and understanding of evaluation and measuring impact. Evaluation and measuring tools are customised to help each movement conduct self-evaluation, discern God’s direction and make better ministry plans by using key ministry data and indicators. National movements will be able to evaluate the health of their ministries based on four categories:  student ministries, operations, sustainability and partnerships.

Some of the indicators to be evaluated include:

  • The percentage of student leaders equipped to influence other students in discipleship and in communicating the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • Whether staff feel valued and supported to serve God effectively.
  • Whether the national movement is self-sustainable through local, indigenous funding.

Ministry Impact Learning resources and Tools

A series of Ministry Impact learning resources and tools will be developed to support the national movements. National movements can now conduct their own self-evaluation to celebrate and strengthen their student ministry through the online evaluation tools and Learning through evaluation e-learning course. Please connect with the Ministry Impact team should you be interested to know more about the tools and resources available. 

Ministry Impact Advisors

Ministry Impact advisors will provide support to national movements as they participate in Ministry Impact programs.

  • Emmanuel Bagumako, IFES Francophone Africa (Burundi)
  • Nesmy Bersot Mve Nguema, GBG Gabon
  • Carmen Castillo Felber, IFES Latin America (Chile)
  • Gisela Muñoz Cruz, ABU Puerto Rico
  • Lisman Komaladi, GFES Singapore
  • Tata Kopaleishvili, SKSK Georgia
  • Marcelle Mapp, IS/IVCF Trinidad and Tobago
  • Simon Masibo, IFES English- and Portuguese-speaking Africa (Kenya)
  • Marina Medina, IFES Latin America (Panama)
  • Oscar Nduwarugira, UGBB Burundi
  • David Walter, IFES South Pacific (Australia)
  • Igors Rautmanis, IFES Europe (Latvia)
  • Savithri Sumanthiran, IFES South Asia (Sri Lanka)
  • Olena Welch, IFES Eurasia (Ukraine)
  • Mary Wilfred, IS/CCF St Lucia
  • Camille Yabi, GBEEB Benin

It is the Ministry Impact team’s prayer that the national movements will engage with these resources and that together we can evaluate more effectively the impact of our ministry in the student world.

Ministry Impact team

The Ministry Impact team consists of the Program Manager, Stephanie Chin and Senior Programs Officer, Rachel Yeoh in Malaysia. They are part of the International Services (Asia) team. Please do not hesitate to contact the Ministry Impact team at ministry.impact@ifesworld.org if you require any further clarification or would like to understand more about the program.

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