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Love your neighbour: World Student Day 2016




Who are your neighbours? The students you share a house or dorm with? The cleaning and catering staff at your university? Your fellow Christian students in other parts of the world, members of other IFES movements? The refugees arriving in your country? How will you love – and pray for – your neighbour?

  • Who are your neighbours on campus?
    What are the opportunities to demonstrate practical love for your neighbours? Think about an activity for World Student Day that would do exactly that – and start planning!
  • Who are your neighbours around the world?
    IFES national movements are grouped into 11 different regions (see menu above). Why not make contact with IFES students in or outside your region and share how you can pray for each other?


Stories from around the IFES world

Lin Wei, Yun Mei and Yanti are graphic designers with FES Singapore. Their illustrations bring to life the various stories from IFES movements as students seek to love their neighbours.  

You can download these illustrations and use them for your own World Student Day event here.





          KGK Japan and IVF South Korea: students working for reconciliation.






 IVCF Philippines cares for creation.








          FES Hong Kong: caring for the elderly.





 FES Singapore: eating with construction workers








 Students from TSCF New Zealand are using the Gospel of Luke to share Jesus on campus.





Students from VCF Vanuatu helped clean their school after Cyclone Pam.







Students from AFES Australia put on the Mark Drama, a play that enacts the Gospel of Mark.  








    Students from UESI India started the Skip-A-Meal (SAM) initiative in 2013 at the Tata Institute of Social Services (Tuljapur campus). By skipping one meal, every week, the students want to feed those in need of food in the village of Tuljapur.

SourceOur Contact (August 2014 | Vol. 32 | Issue 8) 



    NBCBS Nepal: Nepali students swap books for garbage bags








       GBU Rwanda: healing and reconciliation work.






     UGB Madagascar: investing in housing is investing in students.








      GBEC Angola: fighting HIV/AIDS







SLEFES Sierra Leone and LIFES Liberia: Ebola: not giving up







InterVarsity/USA reflects on the biblical call of loving our neighbour.



      Students from InterVarsity/USA are working towards racial reconciliation and social justice.





 Students from InterVarsity/USA are sharing Jesus – and comfort food – on campus.  





Students from InterVarsity/USA are befriending students who find it hard to be social on campus.







      Students from GEU Guatemala helped plan an arts festival on their campus.







  Students from AGEUP Peru have created an app to welcome and connect with new students.









Students from ISIVCF Guyana are organising trainings to help prevent suicide.







Students from STEP Croatia gave out cups of cold water to refugees







     Students from GBU Spain held a Grill-a-Christian event







     Students from SMD Germany are showing hospitality to international students.





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