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191231 CON Jamil

At World Assembly 2019, Jamil Chabouh was invited to serve as Acting General Secretary while the new IFES Board follow through on the recruitment process for the next IFES General Secretary.

Daniel Bourdanné completed 12 years as General Secretary at World Assembly 2019 in South Africa. In 2007, IFES had 136 affiliated movements in 130 countries. Now, we are a fellowship of 160 affiliated movements in 153 countries. We look back with thankfulness for what God has done through Daniel and through IFES.

“Thanks to IFES ministry, so many students have met the Lord and are trained as faithful disciples of Christ. Today they work in various fields of God’s mission in the world. But there are still millions of students who have not heard the good news of Jesus Christ. They live in confusion, often in despair and disillusionment. We can help to communicate to them a living hope. Our task remains great and very strategic.” Daniel Bourdanne, IFES General Secretary (2007-2019)

After Daniel announced his intention to step down, the IFES Board started a process to identify a new leader for our global movement. The chosen candidate withdrew from the process shortly before World Assembly.

Septi Bukula · IFES Board Chair

Septi Bukula (IFES Board Chair) writes: “Let us pray for one another as we serve God and ask him that by his grace we may journey in mutual engagement, listening, understanding and prayer. Please pray too for the new IFES Board. We are here to serve – to serve God first and foremost and to serve you and the Fellowship of IFES. Please engage with us and counsel us. We pledge to listen and to hear.

“Jamil is a highly respected senior IFES staff with extensive experience, a pastoral heart and strong peace-building skills. He is the longest serving IFES Regional Secretary and, in this new role, will continue to work closely with, and benefit from the support of, our godly team of senior regional and ministry leaders. I am thankful for them, as well as the wisdom and experience of our Associate General Secretaries, Martin Haizmann and Tim Adams, who will be working alongside Jamil to lead the Fellowship over the coming months.”

New search committee

The Board has commissioned a new search committee to conduct a thorough review of the search process in order to capture the lessons learned and inform the new search process for the next General Secretary. It will be chaired by Sam McCook (IFES Board member from the Caribbean) with Bishop Hwa Yung (IFES Honorary President to 2019) as vice-chair. The committee has begun its work and will be in regular communication with the Fellowship.


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