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Innovation: Inspiring Evangelism

IFES Innovation is an initiative to encourage collaborative learning across our international network of Christian student groups. 

IFES Innovation is helping to support an exciting range of projects around the world. Students are engaging with their universities and communities in creative ways through literature, art, sport, drama, sustainability, history, healthcare, technology and much more. Have you heard about the Freshers’ festival in Ukraine? Or the BSKSH Albania reading club? Or the creation care-themed outreach of CECNIC Nicaragua?


Have you thought of a new and creative way to share the gospel on campus, but you don’t have enough money to finance it?

IFES has received some funding to help student groups put more creative ideas into action. We want to use these funds to develop new approaches to evangelism, learn together and share resources, so we can continue to make an impact on our campuses with the gospel.



Innovation - the value of learning and creating together – is one of the firm foundations of the IFES community, as set out in our Living Stones vision. IFES connects more than half a million students in over 160 countries; with such a wide variety of cultures and contexts, we are in an excellent position to share new and creative resources and ideas. 

We want to provide space for you – IFES students and staff – to be innovative, and to use your creativity as you communicate the gospel on campus.


"Evangelism is one of the heartbeats of IFES... I invite you to be bold, to be imaginative." Daniel Bourdanné - IFES General Secretary


Inspiring evangelism around the world

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