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Nov 10

How do we make true disciples of Jesus?

Posted by Ruth Rodas

Is sharing knowledge about Jesus at a monthly or annual meeting enough to help students be like Jesus? I think we would all say ‘no’!

The student who becomes like Jesus does so through discipleship. Discipleship is not merely the transmission of knowledge, but implies a new lifestyle, a new character and a new way of life.

Jan 22

Engaging the university: challenges in the current context

Posted by Ruth Rodas
How can we be 100% university students while still being 100% Christian?
Aug 06

Heirs of the passion

Posted by Ruth Rodas
Can children inherit their parent’s faith? Ruth Rodas reflects on children who are ‘heirs of the passion’.
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Ruth is an art history graduate, and currently double majoring in art and law. Since January 2013 she has been a staff worker for GEU Guatemala.