Promoting good governance, providing good care – travelling for IFES

Nov 24
Posted by Penny Vinden (24 Nov 2016)

‘If you think that you can overcome the "going East" jet lag by "flying West" in the next days, you are wrong. It gets only worse. The body gets really confused.’

I read this in a recent email from Mirek Pieszka, Director of the IFES Governance Development Program. He was writing about his recent and upcoming travel plans and asking for our prayers.

What a schedule he and his wife Ewa have! He was writing from Berlin airport: ‘This is where we are having a second morning coffee today. The first one was at 3am at home [Poland] before leaving for this trip to Bangalore, via Berlin and Abu Dhabi.’

In India Mirek will run two governance training events for UESI India, and both he and Ewa will be speaking at a UESI staff retreat. They ask for wisdom, cultural sensitivity and also safety as they travel across the country by various means, including a seven-hour train ride.

From India they travel to meet with the IFES International Services team in Malaysia to discuss the development of an e-platform for governance training online. Then they are off to promote and teach good governance at the AFES Australia National Training Event (NTE). ‘There will be a Governance Development Program Leadership Team meeting in Australia too. Please pray for God's strength for us on this trip!’

They were also travelling in October. First Mirek led a training event for KIVF South Korea. Almost 70 people from the national board, regional boards and several senior staff came together.

Mirek writes: ‘By serving KIVF, I was very blessed by their passion and commitment to the gospel as well as by very warm hospitality.

‘One of the most moving experiences, however, was a trip to the North Korean border. While there, I thought about the history of Eastern Europe - such a powerful testimony that no regime can stand against our God! One day divisions will all come to an end and his name will be glorified on both sides of the border!’

After South Korea, it was off to New York City for Movement Day Global Cities, a joint conference of the NYC Leadership Center and the Lausanne Movement to unite and equip the church in reaching out to the global cities. Mirek was coordinating a group of several Polish pastors participating in this strategic event.

Ewa, meanwhile, attended a FEUER (Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe) event in Italy, where she served as a counsellor and pastoral care person. Caring for people and evangelism are her two biggest passions and spiritual gifts, so you can imagine how excited she was to be part of growing the next generation of evangelists for Europe.

Please pray for Mirek and Ewa in the coming weeks – for strength, wisdom and good health. Pray too for all the people whose lives they will touch – that they will grow as ministers of God’s grace and goodness to others.

And please pray too for the IFES Governance Development Program – that all over the world IFES movements would grow as wisely-governed, well-structured, and God-honouring ministries.



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