World Assembly

Every four years, representatives from across the IFES Fellowship meet for World Assembly. In the past, God has used this event in remarkable ways to further our ministry.

World Assembly provides an opportunity to:

  • celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness, goodness and generosity to IFES;
  • hear afresh from the Lord through his Word;
  • reflect upon and shape the Fellowship’s vision and mission;
  • meet as General Committee to fulfil our constitutional requirements;
  • encourage one another, and facilitate international fellowship, networking and learning.


IFES World Assembly was held from 22 - 30 July 2015 in Mexico! 

See what we did:

Daily Summary Videos

Get a flavour of World Assembly by seeing video shown each day, including looks at the venue, sharing and community, and reviewing highlights.


Take a look at our international family photo albums from World Assembly. If you attended, maybe you are pictured. The professional photo booth portraits are here, too. Share with your friends and supporters!

Plenary Talks

You missed a lot of good teaching! But you can get it now by listening to the World Assembly talks on the IFES World Assembly YouTube playlist

Social Media

You could also take a look at what is on the #wa2015 hastag on both Twitter and Instagram. See how participants documented their own time at World Assembly 2015. 

There will be more resources released over the next month, including edited transcripts of World Assembly plenary talks and videos of us welcoming some of our newly affiliated movements. Unfortunately, we do not have video recordings of each talk (original or with simultaneous translations dubbed) in English, Spanish, and French. What we do have is on the Youtube channel. ​

Did you attend?
Then you might want to join the World Assembly 2015 Participants’ Group on Facebook. We have also released some World Assembly desktop wallpapers for your computer, and Facebook cover images. Please help yourself!




The IFES family in Latin America is preparing to welcome us – their friends and family – for IFES World Assembly from 22-30 July 2015 in Mexico!



Who'll be at the party?

The short answer is lots of people from all around the world! – brothers and sisters from across the IFES family: students, graduates, speakers, supporters, staff, board members... Together we will share how God is at work in our ministry, engage with Scripture, learn best practice, move the Fellowship forward and be re-envisioned for what’s next.

The main program elements include: Scripture Engagement (interacting with Philippians and Daniel 1 and 3), our mission to the university, a session on facing suffering that reflects on resistance, hostility to the gospel and persecution, and the General Committee sessions.

Students! IFES is a student movement. We want to have all movements represented by (among others) a student, and more students are also welcome – both to World Assembly and the special pre-World Assembly Student Gathering (from 20 July – see below).

People who are passionate about sharing what they learn. Not everyone from your movement will be able to come. Who is ready to learn from such an international gathering and have their horizons expanded? Who will be able to reflect on what they experience and help your whole movement benefit and grow?

Faculty and research students! Part of our mission to the university is to engage with the teaching and the research that is going on in our universities, so at World Assembly 2015 we are planning a special track for faculty members – see below for details.

People who can represent your movement as voting delegates in the general committee sessions, since World Assembly is also the formal business meeting of IFES where we will elect the new International Executive Committee, affiliate new member movements, discuss changes to the constitution and more.

People who are able to communicate in one of the three major conference languages (English, French and Spanish) – or know that someone else travelling with them can interpret for them.

Lots of people from your movement? Our venue in Mexico has the capacity for many more people than we had at World Assembly 2011 in Poland. So, if your movement can afford it, you can send more people, maybe even five to eight participants or more! It would be great, for example, to have many participants from North America, Latin America and the Caribbean – taking advantage of the proximity of many of these countries. Why not 100-120 students from the Americas along with the other delegates...


Pre-World Assembly Student Gathering (20-22 July): World Assembly 2015 will include a special Student Gathering as a prelude to the main program. Having student participants at World Assembly is not only a great opportunity to reflect the vision of IFES, but also an investment in the future leaders who will take forward the vision of our movement. This is also a great platform for the student participants to connect with each other, get to know each other and plan for their contribution to the World Assembly program. Students should plan to attend World Assembly from 20-30 July, and there is no additional cost for students to attend this gathering.​

Faculty and Research Students’ track (22-26 July): a special track for Christians who are teaching or doing research at the university. These people can be part of your movement’s delegation or just attend the first few days of World Assembly (22-26 July). They will join some of the plenary sessions, but also have separate sessions to discuss special issues faced by faculty within the university. To make sure that we have a good balance between regions in that track, the number of such people from each region is limited. The cost of attending this track only (not the full event) is US$475, including airport transfers, food, and accommodation.


For all of us, we want World Assembly to be a time to strengthen our unity – a unity that is given and granted by Christ. And we want to strengthen our commitment to each other – in the challenges that many of us face and in the mission that God has given us. We have a mission to the universities in our world, a mission to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the student world, but also to the whole of the university.


'It is always a great joy to participate in a World Assembly, that time when together we celebrate what God is doing on campuses around the world.

'I never imagined Compa would host World Assembly 2015, and for many of us this still seems an impossible reality! However, when we remember God's grace poured out on the student work in Mexico over more than 50 years, we can see clearly why the Lord is preparing for IFES to meet again as a global community in our country.

'We are very excited, and look forward to welcoming you in the best possible way, making you feel at home and celebrating together God's work to the sound of a mariachi band and with a spicy chile flavour!'

- Blas López, General Secretary of Compa Mexico


How do I register for World Assembly?

World Assembly participants are nominated by a delegation manager (normally the general secretary of your IFES national movement). If you are interested in attending World Assembly in Mexico, please contact them for more information.  


Participating from a distance

World Assembly is a significant event in the life of our fellowship, and just because you are not in Mexico does not mean you cannot participate. We plan to make content from sessions available online, and we would encourage you to engage with the program via social media. We will be using the #wa2015 hashtag on twitter and facebook.



Previous locations for World Assembly

  • 2011: Poland
  • 2007: Canada
  • 2003: Netherlands
  • 1999: Korea
  • 1995: Kenya
  • 1991: United States of America
  • 1987: Colombia