World Assembly

Every four years, representatives including students, faculty, staff, and board members from national movements across the IFES Fellowship meet for World Assembly. In the past, God has used this event in remarkable ways to further our ministry.

World Assembly provides an opportunity to:

  • celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness, goodness and generosity to IFES;
  • hear afresh from the Lord through his Word;
  • reflect upon and shape the Fellowship’s vision and mission;
  • meet as General Committee to fulfil our constitutional requirements;
  • encourage one another, and facilitate international fellowship, networking and learning.

The next World Assembly, World Assembly 2019, will be held in Durban, South Africa.


World Assembly 2015
22 - 30 July 2015 in Mexico

What do you get when you gather 1,004 Christians from 142 countries in Mexico? Nothing less than 'una fiesta grande' and a little foretaste of Revelation 7:9, ‘...there before me was a great multitude that no-one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb...'


Report to the Fellowship

What was started in Mexico, must continue. This report captures just some of what happened as we gathered in Mexico, including introductions to talks, photos, highlighted activities, and links to all the resources available. Share this report with others, and to use it to prompt ongoing dialogue and prayer. Continue these conversations on the World Assembly Facebook page. And let us continue to move forward, together.

View and download the report






Other Content


General Committee

The General Committee is the ultimate decision-making body in IFES and meets every four years at IFES World Assembly. In 2015 there were 127 movements represented by voting delegates.

Delegates from member movements received reports from the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the Chair and the student members of the Board. The new board of IFES was elected by the General Committee, as well as the honorary President and Vice-Presidents. An 18-month consultation process to amend the IFES constitution came to completion when the General Committee voted to approve the proposed amendments. A highlight of the General Committee business was the formal affiliation of nine new member movements.

General Committee documents


A offering was taken during the closing ceremony for the ministry of Kairos Foundation, a ministry established by Dr Rene Padilla, former IFES Associate General Secretary and honorary Vice-President (2003-2011). The total raised from this offering was $10,903.76.


Past World Assemblies

  • World Assembly 2015: Mexico. Together. In Christ. In Mission. In the University.
  • World Assembly 2011: Poland. Jesus Christ: Lord of the Universe. Lord of the University.
  • World Assembly 2007: Canada. In Christ. Into the World.
  • World Assembly 2003: Netherlands. Our Global Calling.
  • World Assembly 1999: Korea. Jesus Christ: Lord of History. Lord of the Future.
  • World Assembly 1995: Kenya. 
  • World Assembly 1991: United States of America.
  • World Assembly 1987: Colombia.


Support World Assembly 

Without your prayer support, IFES World Assembly cannot have the impact we dream it will have. We need God to transform hearts and bring unity and fellowship. We need God’s Son to inspire a new passion for evangelism and discipleship. We need God’s Holy Spirit to inspire speakers, to cover logistics, to protect travellers and enable true communication which transcends cultural differences.  We need your prayers for these and many other things, and we need your financial support to help provide scholarships for participants who could not otherwise afford to attend.

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