Students Reaching Students with the Gospel


Europe is politically, culturally and religiously highly diverse; the whole continent is currently struggling in the on-going financial crisis. Within Europe there are founder IFES movements, pioneering situations and everything in between. Secularism and atheism are strong voices which can cause believers to be afraid to speak up about Jesus.

The greatest strength of students in Europe is their resourcefulness and readiness to engage with student culture. Even in movements that are quite small, there are students who are committed to reaching students with the gospel.

The greatest challenge is for them to have the courage to identify themselves as Christians and speak up for Jesus. Undivided, a student evangelism conference, was held at Easter this year - 1700 students and staff attended. Talks gave believers confidence in the bible and reasons for faith; seminars inspired a generation of students for authentic witness, working to provoke interest in Jesus and speak eloquently of him.

View from the inside

Martin Haizmann has been the Regional Secretary for Europe since 2001. He is inspired by Revelation 7:9-10. ‘Here we see a multi-national and multi-ethnic new humanity. Mission is winning worshippers for God; God as the one with ultimate power and the one who is victorious through the Lamb. Salvation belongs to our God – only to him.

‘I still consider the breakdown of communism in the late 1980s the most exciting event in recent history on our continent – both politically and in terms of the Christian church and Christian student ministry. In hundreds of university campuses across Central and Eastern Europe where there was no public Christian witness there are now groups of Christian students who live and speak for Jesus.’

Please pray with us:

  • for students to have boldness to speak for Jesus;
  • for them to have a bigger vision of God.