Students Reaching Students with the Gospel


The Caribbean is a diverse place – linguistically, socially, culturally and geo-politically. There is generally religious tolerance and freedom for Christians to spread the gospel, especially in the English- and Dutch-speaking countries. However, students experience restrictions in some of the French-speaking movements, since the French laws declare that schools and other public places are religion-free zones.

There have been encouraging signs of God’s power at work in the region over the past year.  The movement in St Vincent & Grenadines has been strengthened. Across the region non-Christian students are being saved, while Christian students are making a commitment to deeper study of God’s word as they embrace various bible study methods. Finally, since IMPACT 2012, the regional missions conference held in Jamaica, students have become even more passionate about mission. One of the greatest strength of students in the region is the zeal that many have to share their faith.

View from the inside

Desmond Rogers, Regional Secretary for the Caribbean, is inspired by Philippians 2:16: ‘Holding forth the word of life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither laboured in vain.’

Desmond says, ‘We have seen students coming to faith in Christ and being discipled for his honour and glory. The region is also blessed with staff and graduates who are keen to see the work in their respective national movements advance so that students may know Christ and make him known.’

Please pray with us

  • for the many students who commute to find time to attend meetings;
  • for more students to be saved, and for their lives to have a deep impact on the many social problems in the region;
  • for the strengthening of efforts to pioneer new student groups.