Students Reaching Students with the Gospel

Daily prayer guide

Sunday: Spiritual lives

Discipline of personal Bible study and prayer often starts as a student. Pray:

  • for a desire to understand Scripture, to love it, and to let it shape behaviour;
  • for strong links with a local church in term-time and at home;
  • for fellowship with other Christians where there is no church;
  • for a desire to read, and for Christian publishing for students and graduates.

Monday: Academic study

This can be hard for students who have to work part-time to pay their fees; and for overseas students who struggle with the language. Pray that Christians will:

  • prioritise their work;
  • develop a Christian worldview.

Pray for God to give us graduates who can influence their professions and society for good.

Tuesday: Evangelism

The student world gives wonderful opportunities for evangelism. Pray:

  • for Christian students to have clarity on the truth of the gospel, and a willingness to defend and declare it;
  • for God to work in the hearts of unbelievers;
  • for appropriate methods of evangelism;
  • for freedom where governments do not allow it.

Wednesday: World mission / overseas students

Thousands of serving missionaries grew in their faith as students. Pray:

  • for a grasp of God as a missionary God;
  • for student mission conferences held regularly around the world;
  • for graduating students to consider working cross-culturally;
  • for a warm welcome to overseas students, and for many to come to faith.

Thursday: Leadership

New leaders are needed every year - at every level. Some students lead groups which are bigger than the average church. Leaders of Bible studies or prayer meetings can help shape members' lives as much as those serving on committees. Pray leaders will 'keep watch over [themselves] and all the flock' (Acts 20:28). Paul saw the danger of leaders neglecting their own spiritual lives.

Friday: Unreached countries

There are still over 17 countries with a university system but no IFES movement. Pray for a movement to begin in these places. Pray for God to give us students with natural leadership gifts who can help establish an indigenous work.

Saturday: Families and friendship

Many students come from broken homes, or from homes alien to the gospel. Family relationships have a bearing on our whole lives. Pray for reconciliation where that is needed. Sexual purity is one of the biggest battlegrounds on the campus. Pray students will find good friends - perhaps in church - with whom they can talk when they need to. Pray new Christians will know God's grace and find strong and wholesome friendships.

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