Students Reaching Students with the Gospel

United in prayer

'Change the university and you change the world.'

Charles Habib Malik
Former President of the UN General Assembly
Pascal Lectures, 1981

We are constantly thankful for our prayer supporters' concern for student ministry. Together we are united in our prayer to see God working through vibrant national movements in every university.

Stand with brothers and sisters around the world as you use the resources in this section to guide your prayers.

Prayer diary

21 April — 27 April

Please pray for GBU France as they gather in Amiens for their annual conference from 25 to 27 April. They will be looking at the songs of Zachariah, Mary and Simeon, and will tackle the thought-provoking topic of ‘Being human, for better and for worse’.

28 April — 4 May

Host-IFES Groningen, part of IFES Netherlands, will be holding a weekend away for international students from 2-5 May. Pray that in the relaxed atmosphere, friendships will deepen and many will see Jesus in the lives of the Christian students.

5 May — 11 May

SMD Germany will hold a university mission in Münster from 5-8 May, and also about 20 other similar events throughout the year. This is part of the work of the IFES FEUER network (Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe), who support the proclamation of the gospel of Christ in the public sphere. Pray for SMD Germany and other IFES movements throughout Europe as they publically proclaim the good news in similar events.

12 May — 18 May

UESI India’s summer seminars for graduates, held from 1-12 May, are just ending. As the graduates return to their homes, please pray that they will be inspired both to be agents of change in the workplace, and also to encourage, inspire and train younger Christians who are still students.

19 May — 25 May

Please pray for more students to join IFES InterAction and fill the need in Europe for team members in countries lacking national staff. Pray especially for new InterAction volunteers in UKH Czech Republic where three InterAction team members are leaving soon.