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World Assembly

Every four years, representatives from across the IFES Fellowship meet for World Assembly. In the past, God has used this event in remarkable ways to further our ministry.

World Assembly provides an opportunity to:

  • celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness, goodness and generosity to IFES;
  • hear afresh from the Lord through his Word;
  • reflect upon and shape the Fellowship’s vision and mission;
  • meet as General Committee to fulfil our constitutional requirements;
  • encourage one another, and facilitate international fellowship, networking and learning.
Photo: Who attends World Assembly?

Who attends World Assembly?

Representatives are welcomed from every country around the world where there is IFES ministry or where there is pioneering work. World Assembly is a unique opportunity to bring together student leaders, graduates, staff, board members – men and women from different regions and backgrounds, with various interests and gifts.

Photo: Looking back: World Assembly 2011

Looking back: World Assembly 2011

In 2011 we had the joy of meeting in Krakow, Poland, around the theme Jesus Christ: Lord of the universe, Lord of the university. It was wonderful to be hosted by ChSA Poland, the first movement from Eastern Europe to formally affiliate with IFES after the fall of Communism there in 1989. This provided us with the opportunity to celebrate, with ChSA, God’s faithfulness in the 20 years since their affiliation.

Resources from World Assembly 2011 can found in the media section.

Looking ahead: World Assembly 2015

Looking ahead: World Assembly 2015

It is with great excitement that we look forward to meeting together in Mexico! Compa Mexico, who affiliated with IFES in 1953, will be our hosts.

'It is always a great joy to participate in a World Assembly, that time when together we celebrate what God is doing on campuses around the world.

'I never imagined Compa would host World Assembly 2015, and for many of us this still seems an impossible reality! However, when we remember God's grace poured out on the student work in Mexico over more than 50 years, we can see clearly why the Lord is preparing for IFES to meet again as a global community in our country.

'We are very excited, and look forward to welcoming you in the best possible way, making you feel at home and celebrating together God's work to the sound of a mariachi band and with a spicy chile flavour!'

- Blas López, General Secretary of Compa Mexico