Students Reaching Students with the Gospel


The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is a difficult one for Christian ministry. In these Muslim majority countries, heavy restrictions, isolation and fear can lead to Christians feeling that they are, as several Middle Eastern believers have described it, 'the minority of a minority of a minority'. Yet God is at work and there is great courage, freedom and boldness among Christ's followers there.

Silent night, Holy night. All is calm… Well, not really. As I write, students around the world are facing turmoil head-on. Staff and students of CCX Ukraine have taken to the streets – with over 130,000 people – to protest…

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The prophet Habakkuk knew what it was to have his country torn apart by the horrors of war. He wasn't afraid to hide his despair at the destruction and violence he was witnessing. And he wasn't afraid to ask God…

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Caught in conflict

Posted by Penny Vinden

When we last wrote about the situation in Syria, we were greatly encouraged to see how 80 students had grown in their trust in God’s loving care through attending a conference in Lebanon. Since then, the faith of all God’s…

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When rebels rose up against the regime in Syria in March 2011 they perhaps did not know they were starting what might become an unwinnable war. In just over two years, an estimated 70,000 people have been killed and, according…

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