Students Reaching Students with the Gospel


Europe faces increasing challenges, with so-called ‘tolerance’ from a secular agenda on the one hand, combined with authorities’ uncertainty about how to handle the growing influence of Islam on the other. There are increasing restrictions on religious activities on campuses and national movements need your prayers for wisdom, creativity and boldness. In countries where Christianity has been oppressed for many years, where the national churches are young, and believers are few, we pray that student movements will raise up godly alumni to impact these challenging societies with the gospel.

Serbia is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula that has endured a lot of conflict throughout its history, including the last 20 years since the fall of Yugoslavia. Religiously, the country is predominantly Orthodox, with a significant Muslim minority. Evangelical Christians are a very small minority.

EUS has been experiencing wonderful student growth, in every sense of the word: some have been coming to faith, new students are joining the ministry, current students are growing in their faith and as leaders and some graduates have even become EUS staff. There is great breath and creativity in the approach to reaching students, through bible studies, lectures, social events, coffee shop ministry, debates, conferences, seminars and camps.

The main challenge to the movement is the situation in Serbia—religious, political, financial, and social. There are very few churches and therefore little church support for the ministry. High unemployment combined with bureaucracy and corruption has led to Serbian students losing hope in their ability to forge a future for the country, and many are leaving as a result.

View from the inside:

Samuilo Petrovski, General Secretary for EUS: ‘I believe in the importance and effectiveness of student ministry, and I am excited when I get to see students’ lives changed for the glory of God.’

‘1 Cor. 15:58 keeps me going: “Always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.”’

Please pray:

  • for more courage for the students in sharing the gospel with their peers and professors;
  • for pioneering work in neighbouring Montenegro.