Students Reaching Students with the Gospel


Europe faces increasing challenges, with so-called ‘tolerance’ from a secular agenda on the one hand, combined with authorities’ uncertainty about how to handle the growing influence of Islam on the other. There are increasing restrictions on religious activities on campuses and national movements need your prayers for wisdom, creativity and boldness. In countries where Christianity has been oppressed for many years, where the national churches are young, and believers are few, we pray that student movements will raise up godly alumni to impact these challenging societies with the gospel.

Norway is a fairly secularised country, and high schools and universities especially are strongholds for non-Christian ideologies. In the south and western part of the country as many as 20% of children and youth are members in different Christian organisations. From the capital Oslo northwards the percentage is less than 5%.

NKSS is excited to see a growing awareness of evangelism in student groups. The launch of the ‘Uncover’ seekers’ bible study resource in August 2012 has been well received; at least 250 non-Christians are currently studying scripture together with their Christian friends. In 2011 and 2012 there were five university mission weeks.

The movement is grateful for faithful donors who have enabled them to maintain their ministry, and for gifted and passionate staff workers. They hope to see more Christian students involved in ministry on campus rather than only attending churches.

View from the inside:

Tor Erling Fagermoen is the General Secretary of NKSS. He says, ‘Our movement has a 90-year anniversary in 2013. Since the start NKSS has had a huge impact not only on churches but also on society as a whole. I’m inspired every time I meet adults coming to me saying, “I met Jesus in NKSS” or “What I learned as a student in NKSS has stayed with me and shaped my life and ministry.”’

Of his vision and ministry, Tor Erling says, ‘I keep coming back to the resurrection of Jesus Christ and its implications. John 20: 19-23 (“As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”) expresses how the risen lord is sending us out in an incarnational way with a new life and a message that can truly change the world.’

Please pray:

  • for continued spiritual awakening amongst Christian students;
  • for fruit from the ‘Uncover’ bible study groups across the country;
  • that God will raise up a gifted and committed Norwegian evangelist who can preach at the growing number of campus mission weeks.