Students Reaching Students with the Gospel


East Asia faces the challenging contrasts of Buddhism, Communism, Islam, and Consumerism. It includes one of the world’s leading missionary-sending churches (South Korea) yet is home to countries where the persecution of believers is a terrible reality.

Authentic community

Posted by Colin Pal

What have we become? When I was growing up in the 90s, ‘DC Talk’ was a famous band. They wrote great music, but what made me an ardent fan was their fervour in writing songs which continually challenged my faith.…

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‘Every manifestation of Christ to the world, to the Church, to a particular soul is an Epiphany, a Christmas day.’ - John Donne, 1572-1632, English poet and Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral London. Recently I came across this quotation. It…

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Creating mad cows

Posted by Penny Vinden

FES Malaysia has a vision for helping inspire student ministry, not just at home, but in other countries as well. And they have a talent for crazy acronyms. Their latest combination of these two passions took place in March in…

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Stomping, sweating and camping in Malaysia What are students in FES Malaysia doing this summer? STOMP (Students Together On Mission Partnership) will send one team to Mauritius and another to East Timor for the first time. SWEAT (Social Work Exposure…

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it's our responsibility to pass the fire which has been ignited by others While the UK prepares for the Olympic torch relay in May, FES Malaysia is in the midst of their own torch run. FES Jubilee Run, which takes…

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although we prayed where no one could see us, he did ask me to pray for him! On 22 October, various Islamic groups called on one million Muslims to come together at a Himpun event to fight the challenge of…

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