Students Reaching Students with the Gospel


East Asia faces the challenging contrasts of Buddhism, Communism, Islam, and Consumerism. It includes one of the world’s leading missionary-sending churches (South Korea) yet is home to countries where the persecution of believers is a terrible reality.

As a nation, Malaysia has just entered its fiftieth year. It is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious society richly blessed with natural resources and protected from natural disasters, but where corruption, racism and crime are high. Malaysian Christians are increasingly aware of what is at stake; they are becoming more united in prayer, more involved in society, in politics and in nation-building.

FES Malaysia celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year. Its jubilee call is for Christian Malaysian students to be bridge builders, laying down ‘bricks’ (through their actions) of kindness, generosity and justice, and being a voice of racial reconciliation. FES members are becoming more aware of the challenges in society and in the world, and more motivated to break down walls of prejudice between different ethnic groups.

The movement is active in other ways. Two years ago the Malay bible was banned and no new copies were available to Malay-speaking Christians. During this period FES students laboured diligently to type books of the bible. We rejoice that today a Malay version is now available online.

View from the inside

Kim Cheng Loh is the General Secretary of FES Malaysia. She says, ‘I was blessed and called into full time ministry amongst students while I was a student at the University of Malaya. I love to see hungry hearts, eyes that sparkle at serendipitous moments and seeing God at work in the midst of students!’

She adds, ‘Mark 4:30-32 (which speaks of the kingdom of God as a mustard seed) helps express how I long for my life to be. I am inspired by Jesus and the extent of his love for us; I too will look to encourage those who feel they are small.

Please pray:

  • for students to have a passionate love for Christ and his word, serving him freely by building bridges of racial reconciliation and transformation in Malaysian society;
  • for a wise response to the concerted effort to convert students from Sabah and Sarawak to Islam.