Students Reaching Students with the Gospel

St Lucia

This culturally and linguistically diverse region is searching for its identity. In these countries which face the challenges of poverty, of graduate migration, of developing plans to build a sustainable future, the IFES movements find themselves in a unique position to contribute to the strengthening of the region through their work with students.

Saint Lucia is a small tropical, mountainous island in the Caribbean. Christianity is the predominant religion and Christians are free to worship, fellowship and witness.

The majority of ISCCF ministry is in high schools and Christian teachers are needed to facilitate groups. However, many Christian teachers are not able to give the ministry sufficient time. The movement has nevertheless seen committed students looking to show Christ’s love in innovative ways. The ‘love basket’ initiative sees students contribute items to needy households at Christmas. Some students have used performing arts to witness; their work was broadcast on national television.

ISCCF also thanks God for the involvement of graduates at all levels, including serving on the board and providing financial support. The movement has a healthy partnership with churches and most educational institutions are also happy to work with them.

View from the inside:

Yana Terris is staff worker for ISCCF Saint Lucia. She describes aspects of their student ministry that inspire her: ‘Our summer camps are very encouraging when students get away from routines to spend some time learning more about Jesus. Youth Talent Vibes (a bible and talent competition among schools) has also always reminded me of the God-given gifts of our students. Our group bible studies are also inspiring as they always trigger thanksgiving to God for allowing students to be so excited about his word!’

Yana is also inspired by Psalm 145:1-7, which include the verses: ‘One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts. They speak of the glorious splendour of your majesty - and I will meditate on your wonderful works.’

Please pray:

  • for student leaders to remain committed to Christ and to the work of the ministry;
  • for Christian teachers to find time to devote to the ministry.