Students Reaching Students with the Gospel

South Korea

East Asia faces the challenging contrasts of Buddhism, Communism, Islam, and Consumerism. It includes one of the world’s leading missionary-sending churches (South Korea) yet is home to countries where the persecution of believers is a terrible reality.

Although Christianity is one of the main religions in South Korea, it is criticized for laying too much emphasis on personal spirituality only, defending its own vested rights, and ignoring ethical responsibility in society.

Although the number of students involved has reduced gradually, IVF is becoming a more student-initiated movement, and there is a strong commitment to Scripture study, developing a biblical worldview, and the pursuit of the holistic gospel.

The movement faces several challenges, however. First, many have become drawn in my materialism and are therefore indifferent to the gospel. Second, as it is very hard for students at present to find jobs after graduation many have given in to great anxiety about their futures.

View from the inside

National campus ministry director Jong Seo Park observes,I believe that students are the future of the church and the country. College is a very crucial time and place for them to commit their whole lives to Jesus. My greatest joy in being an IVF staff worker is to see continuously that students are being changed by the gospel.

‘2 Timothy 2:15 makes me realize how important it is to handle the word of God correctly in our current age, and helps me commit myself as a true disciple and worker for God.’

Please pray for:

  • students in Korea that they can overcome worry and understand their calling as true disciples of Jesus;
  • for strength and encouragement for those students who are the only Christians on campus.