Students Reaching Students with the Gospel


Europe faces increasing challenges, with so-called ‘tolerance’ from a secular agenda on the one hand, combined with authorities’ uncertainty about how to handle the growing influence of Islam on the other. There are increasing restrictions on religious activities on campuses and national movements need your prayers for wisdom, creativity and boldness. In countries where Christianity has been oppressed for many years, where the national churches are young, and believers are few, we pray that student movements will raise up godly alumni to impact these challenging societies with the gospel.

IFES Ireland works in both Northern Ireland (NI, part of the United Kingdom) and the Republic of Ireland (ROI). Both parts of the island of Ireland are experiencing huge political, economic and sociological changes, with high levels of unemployment and emigration. Many people are leaving both Protestant and Catholic established churches. However, there is a small but growing evangelical church in the Republic of Ireland and universities remain vibrant open places with many opportunities for Christian students to share the gospel.

IFES Ireland is blessed with a committed group of student leaders and staff, Relay and Interaction team. These individuals have a passion to encourage students to study the scriptures and to equip them for lives of service and witness to the gospel. In addition there are growing numbers of students from Ireland and overseas want to be involved in local groups. IFES Ireland has strong links with others in IFES, especially UCCF Great Britain.

View from the inside

Adam Jones is General Secretary of IFES Ireland. ‘I have been passionate and excited about the work of the gospel in universities since my own university days where God radically changed my understanding of him, the gospel and the direction of my life. I am excited that God continues to do this in Ireland and worldwide today. I’m inspired by Romans 1:17 – our lives: the power and hope of the gospel – and 2 Tim 3:16-17 – our living: the foundation, means and activity of our ministry.’

Please pray:

  • for continued growth in the many small IFES Ireland groups;
  • for students to lovingly share Jesus with their friends, growing in confidence in the gospel and in experiencing how God works in the lives of people today.