Students Reaching Students with the Gospel


In this often missiologically neglected region, God is at work. However, Francophone Africa is challenged by instability, conflict, corruption, poverty and suffering. Longing to see the church grow in depth and maturity and have a transforming influence on the region, we thank God for students and graduates of the indigenous national movements who are living for Christ in this challenging context.

Across Francophone Africa, IFES-affiliated movements are investing in students, developing whole-life disciples, who are having impact in their societies for Christ. Yet raising support for IFES ministry is not always easy. Last year, staff in Francophone Africa worked to equip…

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The challenge for Christians in Congo is to stand for the true gospel in a country plagued by war, impunity, mismanagement of national resources, and a proliferation of sects. In the student movement (GBUSC), we believe that only God can…

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Peace has never fully returned after a bloody fratricidal war of July to October 1997. Worsening conflicts persist, particularly in southern Brazzaville. But Landry Enzonga, national staff worker of Groupe Biblique Universitaire et Scolaire du Congo (GBUSC) since January 1997,…

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