Students Reaching Students with the Gospel

Congo, Democratic Republic

In this often missiologically neglected region, God is at work. However, Francophone Africa is challenged by instability, conflict, corruption, poverty and suffering. Longing to see the church grow in depth and maturity and have a transforming influence on the region, we thank God for students and graduates of the indigenous national movements who are living for Christ in this challenging context.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a beautiful country with spectacular rainforest and volcanoes as well as abundant natural resources and economic potential. However it has known appalling atrocities, as leaders have betrayed and abused their people since the creation of the state. Even today there is conflict between the national army and rebels in the east of the country. The DRC is a secular country and there is religious freedom; Christians have opportunities for evangelism.

Just like their nation, GBU DRC has known struggles in recent years. A general assembly in August 2012 resulted in the election of a new board and a reinforcement of God’s vision for the movement. With new leadership at executive and staff level, there is the hope that the movement will continue to move forward in strength and stability. They thank God for an active board and staff and students who are committed to both bible study and evangelism.

View from the inside

Asansi Kwetila Mardochée, General Secretary of GBU, says, ‘The fact that our movement has survived from 1969 to the present day despite all the turmoil in our country proves that God is with us and we can dream big!

Jesus’ great commission in Matthew 28:18-20 has inspired Kwetila’s ministry and vision. He is also motivated by the example found in Ezra 7:10 - ‘For Ezra had devoted himself to the study and observance of the law of the lord, and to teaching its decrees and laws in Israel.’ Kwetila says that he is reminded by Ezra ‘of the need to apply my heart to the study of the word of God in order to know Christ more.

Please pray

  • for GBU students to be a true community of disciples, transformed by the gospel and having a real impact in the university context and eventually in the entire nation;
  • for the student groups in the war-torn east of the country.