Students Reaching Students with the Gospel


Churches have grown phenomenally in Latin America but societies battling with poverty, corruption and injustice are largely yet to be transformed by kingdom values. In this context, indigenous IFES movements are reaching students with the gospel and producing godly men and women who will influence their nations for Jesus.

Bolivia is a multicultural country. However social changes of the last ten years have caused racial divisions and the challenge now is to create a society that loves and accepts each other.

It is one of the poorest countries in Latin America in terms of education; most students can only get into state universities which offer teaching of lower quality. The challenge for Christian students is to contribute to their society through their faith and academic excellence.

In 2009 CCU Bolivia went through a serious financial crisis which forced them to release all paid staff. Some thought that the movement would disappear. But little by little, God surprised them, with graduates and volunteer staff stepping forward to help. In the past two years, groups have started to grow again and a new generation of student leaders have emerged who have taken the reins of the ministry into their own hands. CCU is still facing financial fragility but they give thanks to God for his on-going provision.   

CCU has two main aims today; the first is to give students the space and conditions to exercise their leadership, and to disciple them well, helping them apply biblical truths to their context. The second is to build a donor base that can sustain their ministry.

View from the inside

Carina Rojas is the General Secretary of CCU. She says, ‘I'm excited because I have been witness to the faithfulness of God in supporting this ministry, I’ve seen students share their faith openly through words and deeds. I’ve seen students and staff let go of their denominational and racial prejudices to be part of this community.’

The book of Haggai has been a comfort to Carina during the past four years of turmoil. In particular she has been encouraged by Haggai 2:9: ‘“The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,” says the Lord Almighty.’

Please pray:

  • for students to be moved by God in both mind and heart to share his message with passion and with tenderness to a suffering nation;
  • for continued financial provision.