What place does Scripture have in our lives?

Jan 28
Posted by Daniel Bourdanné (28 Jan 2014)

As I have been reflecting on this New Year, I particularly cherished re-reading what Sabine Kalthoff (IFES Secretary for Scripture Engagement) shared in her recent newsletter on the topic ‘What is Scripture Engagement?’

The Bible is – and always has been – part of our foundation as IFES. We know Scripture should be the basis of our life and flow into all aspects of who we are and what we do. And this article truly underlines what we are aiming to be: a community of believers who are not just reading or memorising God’s Word, but who love it in order to live it.

‘God uses Scripture to connect with us through the work of the Holy Spirit. And so we come with the openness to listen, to be changed, and to be given our place as active participants in God’s story with this world.’ from What is Scripture Engagement? at scriptureengagement.ifesworld.org

I strongly encourage you to read the full article and, even beyond reading it, to meditate on it and to chew upon its contents. I invite every student, every staff to take time to read it and take the time to talk in your student groups and staff teams about the questions it raises. Please give some feedback to Sabine, share your reflections and any contributions you may have.

This year, let’s spend time learning to love and to live the Scriptures. As Sabine says, ‘It is worth it!’