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time for a scripture resolution?

this year, what if you resolved to engage more with God’s word?

At the beginning of a new year, many people resolve to change something in their life. Often these resolutions are very self-centred or vague – I will lose weight, I will make more money, I will be happier, or nicer to others. 

But what if you could do something for yourself that also had amazing consequences for others? This year, what if you resolved to engage more with God's word – and you really did! Think of how this could transform you – not only your relationship with God, but your attitudes, your actions, your relationships with others.
Polina, a staff worker from an IFES movement in Central Asia, joined The Psalms Project in October 2010. The goal is to meditate on 21 psalms every year, and to memorise a few of them. As part of this journey, those involved share brief meditations each month on what God is teaching them.  Each year they also read one book about the Psalms.
When asked about her experience, Polina shared, 'The Psalms Project is a great opportunity for me to have a clear bible-reading plan and to be accountable to others. This project keeps me focused on the word of God and on God himself.
'Memorizing helps me develop discipline in organizing my time and thoughts and to know God's Word without looking at the bible. Moreover, every psalm I've memorized led to discussions with students and friends that have strengthened their focus on Scripture.
'Better than any other book, Psalms describes spiritual life and experiences happening inside a believer. Due to the great variety of psalms (psalms of praise, sorrow, etc.) they can be read anytime and be suitable. As I go deeper into them the psalms help shape my prayer. All these reasons keep me motivated to go on. 
'Sometimes I struggle with my own laziness, usually not in reading, but in writing down my meditations. However, thanks to the clarity of the schedule and the monthly reminders I receive, I have managed to keep going.
'Exchanging meditations with the other participants is a valuable part of this project. The meditations we send to one another usually reflect our personal understanding of a psalm, something that struck us most or an experience of ours which connects with the psalm.'
Reading, reflecting, writing – these are just some of the ways to engage with God's word together with others. What other ways have been helpful to you as you have sought to dig deep into the riches of scripture? What tangible results have taken place in your life, and in the lives of others? 
Here's a challenge for the new year: think about one area of your life that you would like to strengthen through digging into God's word, or one new approach or method that you'll try in order to better engage with scripture. Make your resolution online by leaving a comment to tell us about it!
Why not commit to reporting back as part of World Student Day on 18 October, to tell us how engaging with scripture this year has transformed your life?


Cristóbal Villegas Vergara

Hola: Saludos desde Chile.
Me alegra mucho leer sobre esto... Los salmos, la meditación, la memorización...
Este año con unos amigos de mi grupo de teatro (Delta: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grupo-de-Teatro-DELTA/123742257784168?ref=ts&fref=ts), realizamos una declamación colectiva de los salmos. Tuvimos que leerlos, armar la selección, aprender el texto, realizar una puesta en escena y presentarlo a una comunidad... Este año, pensamos compartirlo con otras comunidades. Nos hemos visto muy bendecidos con el montaje y deseamos que nuestros amigos se sientan también bendecidos.

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To commit to God my finances and my love life!


je crois que c'est vraiment formidable une telle resolution.On pourrait y participer

Andy Moore

@Cristóbal: Gran oír hablar de esto, y me gustaría saber más. por favor, ¿podría ponerse en contacto conmigo (via ifesworld.org/contact)? [GT]

@Vicky: Great to hear this. Perhaps you can give us an update on this later in the year (for World Student Day perhaps)?

@shalom: Ce serait génial de savoir comment vous allez. Seriez-vous intéressé à participer à un projet Psaumes? [GT]

Michael Kennard

to read through he Bible this year, and memorise and meditate on Jesus' sermon on the mount

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