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growing in Christ with God’s word

many students have made a commitment to engage with scripture and share their transformed life story with fellow students

Growing up in a predominantly Hindu culture, young Nepali Christians do not always fully appreciate how important it is to immerse oneself in God’s word. But Sharad Lama, General Secretary of NBCBS Nepal, is out to change this. In the last months of 2012, NBCBS organised 10 camps for students which focused on the crucial relationship between bible study and growth in Christ. In addition, two graduate conferences aimed at envisioning young professionals to encourage and disciple students were organised. Over 600 students and 150 graduates attended the 12 events.

Sharad writes: ‘Before they attended the camps many students didn’t realise the relevance of bible study or how they should be growing in Christ with the truth of scripture. The camps helped them clearly understand the importance of studying God’s word for their Christian life.’ 

Testimonies from students themselves attest to the impact of these camps. Babita, a student from Kathmandu in her final year of high school, said that the event was ‘full of blessing’ for her.  At the camp, she made a commitment to start a bible study. One week later she held her first study with five pre-university students in the northern part of the district.

One of the topics discussed at Kathmandu Valley camp was 'Secularism and the response of the Christian student'. This topic was very pertinent for Srijana, a university student studying law. She was concerned about how best to be a witness among secularists. The camp helped her realise how she could enter into discussions with them about fatalism, development, change, and other topics which arise in their cultural context, and show her faith in this way.

Anjali, a university student from eastern Nepal was trained in evangelism but unsure where she should focus as a witness to Christ. She says that the camp helped her see clearly that as a student the university is her mission field.

Before attending one of the camps, Purnima, another student from eastern Nepal, was spending little time engaging with God’s word. She told Sharad that the camp has ‘compelled her’ to immerse herself in Scripture and now she has joined a regular bible study group at her university.

Sharad adds that these are only a fraction of the lives changed through these camps. ‘Many students have made a commitment to engage with scripture and share their transformed life story with fellow students.’ Please pray with us for their continued growth in Christ, that Nepal might be transformed.


Jasper Amit Mittra

From now, I along with my friends from Bangladesh will pray for Nepali students and please pray for us also. Thanks. God bless us all.

Bidur Adhikari

Great to review the works done by NBCBS, and partnes,a nd the testimonies, and the prayers partners who stand with us. Thanks Jasper, and i will also be praying for you. I was checking NBCBS and CGF activities online, and read you also.

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