Students Reaching Students with the Gospel


prayer snippets

Growing leaders in Ghana

Pray for students who attended GHAFES’ annual National Leadership Training Seminar (3-7 January). As they return to their university contexts, pray for opportunities to apply what they have learned and continue to grow in skills that will enable them to share the good news unashamedly and competently. Pray that they will become godly leaders who have an impact on the future of their country.

Preparing for the New Year

FES Singapore have their first staff meeting of the New Year this week (15 January). Pray for a renewed mind, body and spirit to implement the plans and projects each ministry department has set out. Pray too for a greater bonding among fellow workers in the ministry, that their unity might be seen by others and bring glory to God.

Reaching internationals in French-speaking Switzerland

Andrew and Claire Livingstone from AFES Australia have recently moved to Switzerland to start their new role as leaders of GBEU’s new team to work with international students. Pray as they begin to plan activities and recruit volunteer helpers, and for many opportunities to befriend internationals and share Jesus with them!


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