Students Reaching Students with the Gospel



pray that a lot of students will become passionate about what God can mean for their friends and society and how God can use them for it

What does it mean for a Christian to be undivided? This is the question that around 1,700 students will be asking themselves over the Easter weekend (5-10 April) at the IFES European Student Evangelism Conference in Györ, Hungary.

According to the conference website, being undivided means ‘wanting to grow in our relationship with the living God, worshipping him with our whole lives... We want to live out our faith in commitment to community: our universities, our IFES groups, our families, our friends, our churches. And we want to be authentic in witness to the risen Christ, speaking out against the false gods which dominate our cultures and divide our world.’

In past years, this conference has changed the lives of thousands of students from across Europe and Eurasia who have caught the vision of students reaching students and had their ideas and practice of personal evangelism transformed.

What are the expectations of students who are planning to attend Undivided 2012?

Lienke van Hoeke of IFES Nederland says, ‘I definitely hope that the students of my town will hear some new ideas about how they can evangelise in our city. And that they will fall in love with God, so that they don't feel like they have to evangelise, but instead they will do it as an overflow of love.’

‘I'm hoping to regain a trust in God’, Ingemar Andersson of Credo Sweden writes, ‘both by seeing and hearing from others, and from enjoying his obvious presence at a conference like this! This trust is essential if one wants to go out and evangelise.’

David Kurka from Brazil, who is currently volunteering with UCCF Great Britain, told us: ‘I am especially looking forward to learning about the work with international students in other cities, across Europe, in order to encourage and give ideas to students in London (and later in Brazil!)! Also, I am interested on seeing practical ways and ideas of engaging with non-Christians. I wonder what kind of subjects are being discussed among European students and how we, as Christians, relate to them and see those questions from the perspective of the cross.’

Júlia Zaharia of SMD Germany is helping organise the conference. ‘I can't wait to see my fellow students really motivated and encouraged by the power of Christ working through IFES, as they see and meet our beautiful family.’  She also hopes to find solutions for some of the difficulties her group is facing as she talks with other students.

‘I pray that a lot of students will become passionate about what God can mean for their friends and society and how God can use them for it,’ wrote Hendrik, also of IFES Nederland. ‘And I pray that God will show me the parts of my life that are still "divided".’

Let’s uphold in prayer all the students, staff, speakers and others involved in Undivided 2012. And let’s also examine our lives and ask God to help us be undivided in our love and witness in his name.