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the mark drama

this is certainly a message greater than any other given by men, because it is the life of God-made-man, Jesus

The gospel of Mark, acted out by ordinary people in 90 minutes: this is the Mark Drama, an innovative way of communicating the person of Jesus, performed without a theatre, props or costumes.

IFES movements all over the world are starting to use the Mark Drama as a means of outreach to students who might never attend church or hear an evangelistic talk.

Verónica Céspedes from GBUCH Chile participated in Chile’s first experience of the Mark Drama. People who saw the presentation were confronted with the real Jesus. Seeing in person, acted out and real, that which they had read on paper, shook the hearts of the audience and I know the Holy Spirit worked through this. They told us that they saw Jesus the man who loved them, and Jesus the true son of God who was a sacrifice of love.’

Nadia Binaté of GBU France performed in the drama in Paris.I saw spectators take the gospels of Mark at the exit. They said that while watching the drama they had wanted to read the gospel, they showed an interest in Jesus and his story. Many have said that to see young students doing this for God had amazed them… a seed has been planted!’ 

Laetitia Bardina, who participated in Bourges, France, said that for her the highlight was the third performance in a prison, where 40 bibles ‘sold like hot cakes.’

For one student, the Mark Drama is a step in an on-going process. Amanda, a student with LKSB Latvia, writes about one young man: ‘We invited him to the Mark Drama and to some seminars in our university. And then he finally thought about going to the New Year’s camp even though he did not have a very positive attitude towards Christianity and Christians. Now he is even ready to go to the IFES Europe Student Evangelism Conference, to continue his search for truth!

‘There were also other students who were open to hear God's story, to think about important issues and to accept Jesus. One of the guys said after the drama, "Never in my life have I been thinking so intensely!"’

The student actors are also deeply affected by the event. Liene Lice, volunteer staff with LKSB Latvia, comments : ‘The greatest thing about the Mark Drama is that none can stay indifferent after watching it - some people laugh, some cry, some are lost in thoughts, all have experienced the gospel. And I love to see the change in actors - the gospel has become alive for them, they got to know God better.’

Richards Vargas from GBU Chile also writes of the experience of the student actors: ‘There is a re-acquaintance with the Lord that the great majority of actors experience. Without realising it, we were seeing a reality of someone who lived, gave so much love, was so insulted, beaten … and we see ourselves there, that every day that we disobey in what he has asked us to do, he is slapped and offended ... this is certainly a message greater than any other given by men, because it is the life of God-made-man, Jesus.’

Please pray for follow-up with the people whose hearts were moved by the Mark Drama, and for other IFES movements who are considering using this wonderful means of proclaiming the living Jesus.

And why not check out GBU Chile’s Mark Drama on facebook (in Spanish) as well as GBU France’s Mark Drama blog (in French) so that you can pray for future events.


Elisabeth Russenberger

God is great and leads us with his strength - let us pray and praise him - for he is good!

Andy Moore

We just received a phone call from someone working with international students at Leeds University who is interested in the possibility of using the Mark Drama there. For others who are interested in doing likewise, do take a look at the Mark Drama website.

Cristóbal Sebastián Villegas V

Hola: Soy estudiante del GBUCh, movimiento de la IFES en Chile. Estoy muy contento por el desarrollo de la obra estudiantil en nuestras universidades y el apoyo que nos ha dado Dios a través del "Experimento Marcos" este año.
Tengo la gran alegría de haber participado en febrero de este año, en el que, según nos contaron, fué el primer Experimento Marcos del Hemisferio sur. Significó demasiado para nosotros el conocer a Jesús a través de sus alegrías, sus enojos, sus incomprensiones y sus dolores. Las 6 semanas de preparación de la obra son devocional diario y estudio bíblico personal y grupal, discipulado, los ensayos son estudios bíblicos empíricos, la presentación es evangelismo por sí mismo, el evangelio habla por sí mismo... Las palabras del Verbo se representan en un misterio en el que una comunidad de 15 personas es un texto coral vivo, como Cristo...

Hasta el momento ya van ocho presentaciones, dos en Temuco, en el Sur de Chile y 6 en Santiago, la capital. En junio se vienen por lo menos dos más, y porque ya se está conociendo bastante, se están pidiendo más presentaciones, por lo que Gustavo Sobarzo, nuestro coordnador nacional del Experimento Marcos y asesor del GBUCH, está buscando más directores y personas que formen nuevos elencos... Oremos por estas presentaciones y por que se de a conocer el Evangelio en nuestras universidades e iglesias...

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