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money matters

financial management is an important aspect in the life of a disciple of Christ

Attitudes to money vary from culture to culture. In some parts of the world, it is acceptable to talk openly about another person’s salary; in other places it is considered rude to ask about another’s financial state.

Joël and Cécile Cornuz, staff of GBUC, the French movement in Canada, think that financial management is an important aspect in the life of a disciple of Christ. They want students to know how to handle the money that God entrusts to them. That's why they invited Hervé Ketchaba, GBUC staffworker and accountancy student at a business school in Montréal, to talk about money matters.

Adae Beaulieu was present at the event, and shared with us how beneficial the discussions were for her. ‘I'm used to hearing verses that show what God thinks about money, but I had never openly shared my financial situation with other Christians. After presenting us with a model budget and explaining why it was beneficial, Hervé asked us to share our personal experiences.

‘He also asked us difficult questions: is it really cheaper to buy a car via credit, do I need a cell phone, how should I use (or not use) a credit card? Personally, I don’t have a credit card and I doubted its necessity. However, as we looked at different points of view, I realised that if I chose to get one and use it well, the bank could see that I am diligent in my payments and may agree to lend me money in the coming years.

‘At the end of his talk, Hervé told a story that profoundly affected me. He described the journey of a family with serious financial problems. With the help of a budget plan, they gradually got rid of their debts. However, this did not last long as this family did not persevere in this direction.

‘When I heard this, I realised that I did not want to have problems in the future and that's why I decided to design my own budget. When I took this step, I realised what an essential tool a budget is. Thanks to Hervé, I now know the amount I can spend each month for my outings and I have even started saving. Now I no longer have to wonder if I’ll have enough money, and I can study with peace of mind. I am proud of this decision.

‘I think the words Hervé shared certainly got each person present thinking. I am curious to see how this seed will bear fruit in our lives and I hope we will have the opportunity to discuss the steps we’ve taken very soon. This would allow us to encourage each other to make efforts to continue to manage our money.

‘Luke 16:10 says, "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much." I am convinced that if we manage well the little money we have as students, God will entrust us with greater things in the future.’


Yedana Abel

I think it was a great idea. I am discussing this with our fellowship here in T. Poly (ghana. Tamale). We will have to learn something also about financial management.

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